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If you are thinking of walking around the city, living a unique experience, or simply learning more about the history of Mexico, Turibus has an ideal tour for any occasion.

The company, belonging to MOBILITY ADO, hand in hand with Orbe Medios -advertising agency and marketer of Turibus-, offers users experiences or tours that normally cannot be carried out, according to Carlos Betancourt, general director of Orbe Medios.

Personalized experiences

The tourist mobility company offers three different and personalized services to spend time with the family, spend time with friends, go out with your partner, enjoy a walk around the city, enrich yourself culturally and enjoy tourist attractions.

The first service is Turibus Circuito Turístico, which offers users the possibility of enjoying 63 points in the city and moving freely throughout the day, touring the 4 circuits available in Mexico City, which run through the south of the city. , the historic center, Chapultepec-Polanco, and the Basilica of Guadalupe.

Another service, the most attractive according to Carlos Betancourt, is Turibus Thematic Experiences; which is exclusive, and in which the Turibus Museos, Turiluchas, Turicervecero and Turibus Cantinas packages stand out.

The experience begins at Reforma 222 and tries to bring users closer to knowing the museums, the fights, the craft breweries, and the traditional canteens of the city in a different way. For example, in Turibus Museos, a tour is carried out -during hours that are not normally open to the public- accompanied by a guide who talks to users about the history of the museum, the exhibitions, and later a wine tasting is complemented.

Additionally, there is a range of packaged products, called Turibu+, which includes the circuit ticket plus an attraction, be it the Inbursa Aquarium, the Wax and Ripley Museum, and soon the Anthropology Museum.

choose your experience

Accessing this type of experience is very simple, all you have to do is check the Turibus social networks, ask for a brochure from the staff at the circuit stops, or buy tickets online.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover new attractions, places, and unique experiences aboard Turibús. Buses are available 365 days a year.

Get your tickets at and live the experiences that Turibus has prepared for you!

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