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Selling a car, house, pawning goods, properties or even withdrawing unemployment money from the Afore are some of the actions that many people have had to take to obtain resources and pay for medical care or hospitalization for Covid19, one of the most costly diseases in Mexico and the second cause of death in the country since the pandemic began, after heart disease and displacing diabetes mellitus to third place.

The diseases that hurt the pockets of Mexicans the most are Covid, where hospital care is around 508,000 pesos; acute respiratory diseases with 365,824 pesos; kidney failure, 364,816 pesos; diabetes mellitus, 307,816 pesos and acute myocardial infarction with 287,281 pesos, according to reports from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS).

Since the pandemic began until the first week of December 2021, insurance companies have paid 23,023 million pesos in major medical expenses for Covid19 care and 31,108 million pesos in life insurance. This places the pandemic as the most expensive event in the history of the insurance sector in Mexico.

Although vaccination has reduced the number of hospitalizations and risk situations in those who become infected with Covid and therefore the expenses that care for the disease causes, there are still people who refuse to be immunized or are doing so late.

recommend compare

If you plan to buy medical expenses insurance, it is recommended to compare the coverage they offer and the costs with different insurers. The difference between making a comparison or not, can mean savings and better protection.

In the medical expenses insurance simulator of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef), anyone interested in acquiring this financial protection can consult how much this insurance would cost in the companies that have the product available .

For example, in the case of a 40-year-old woman, without any illness, health insurance could cost between 21,000 and 47,000, depending on the insurer she chooses and the conditions offered by each one.

For a man of the same age, this insurance, between one company and another, ranges between 14,412 pesos and 39,000 pesos.

They ask to follow care and protection measures

The Ómicron variant is being very contagious and although they report that the symptoms are milder, care measures should be maintained with a certain degree of confinement, said Norma Alicia Rosas, general director of AMIS.

“Let’s take good care of ourselves, suddenly we have to participate in the Covid conferences, and the next two weeks will continue to be very important,” he stressed.

Check your policy

These insured require a vaccine against Covid to protect you

This year, two insurers, SURA and AXA, announced that they will apply some adjustments to their insurance policies for major medical expenses and in the care of people who face Covid19 and who are not vaccinated or have completed their vaccination schedule.

Data from the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), showed that 81% of patients hospitalized for Covid19 in Mexico City hospitals do not have their full vaccination schedule against this disease.

SURA, announced to its clients that both in medical expenses and in individual and collective life products, any claim where the insured does not have at least one dose of vaccination against Covid19, either from Mexico, will be considered as an essential risk aggravation. or in other countries, as long as an official receipt is presented.

“In the case of insured persons of legal age who do not have at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the claim associated with Covid-19 will not be applicable,” the company reported.

AXA is another of the insurance companies that announced that they will apply restrictions for those who are not vaccinated or have an incomplete vaccination schedule against SARS-COV2.

Starting this year, renewals and new contracts for collective major medical insurance with AXA will have a maximum insured sum of 300,000 pesos for Covid19 care.

On this subject, GNP announced that although it trusts that the vaccine is essential to reduce risks and serious effects of Covid-19 on health, in this company they apply this coverage to their clients, regardless of the application of the vaccine.

“We constantly invite policyholders, collaborators, the production force and the general public to get vaccinated, and we share prevention measures in all our communication channels,” said Germán Aguado Vanegas, director of Major Medical Expenses at GNP Seguros.

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