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Lego Star Wars: La saga Skywalker has had a long development cycle, one prior to its official reveal at E3 2019. After multiple delays, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has finally announced when the game is coming out. The Lego Star Wars: La saga Skywalker the release date is April 5 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. However, this comes along with a report alleging harmful working conditions at the studio.

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TT Games also released a new overview of the game, detailing what players can expect in the “biggest Lego video game yet” covering all nine main films. Players can start with any of the nine movies they want A new hope a the rise of skywalker. Combat has also been improved with better combos and a counter attack. Shooting is also better as players can aim like any other traditional third-person shooter. It even has a cover system.

Lego Star Wars: La saga Skywalker it also allows users to jump to multiple planets to explore and tackle side quests. Exploring also unlocks upgrades for character classes that apply to the approximately 300 characters in the game. The trailer then ends with Mumble mode, something early Lego games had instead of voice acting where the characters mutter and mimic the lines instead of saying them.

Those who pre-order digitally will get early access to the Trooper Character Pack which will arrive a month later for those who don’t pre-order and will be part of the Season Pass. All seven character packs in the season pass will include items from the mandalorian, the bad batch, rogue onesome classic characters Solo, and the aforementioned soldiers. People who purchase the digital version will get a classic Obi-Wan that cannot be purchased separately. And finally, those who get the physical Deluxe Edition will get a Luke Skywalker Lego minifigure holding some blue milk.

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However, it is not all good news for Lego Star Wars: La saga Skywalker, What Polygon also released a new report claiming that TT Games has fostered a toxic workplace over the years. The report has statements from dozens of current and former employees that touch on a variety of different topics. Crunch was one of the most egregious, as employees were expected and pressured to work obscene hours, often 80 to 100 hours spread over six-day weeks, to keep up with the release schedule games have. from Lego. Other issues include a slow and troublesome engine that would lose work, QA testers who were bullied and cut off from the core development team, a hostile environment for women (who were also paid less), poorly managed priorities, and more. With all these alleged problems, many of the sources said they were “not surprised that the skywalker saga It has taken almost five years.”

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