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Puebla, Puebla. The National Chamber of the Garment Industry (Canaive) local seeks to integrate a register of workshops and maquilas to specialize the offer of services to national and foreign brands that seek a more specific and quality clothing.

The president of the organization’s Puebla-Tlaxcala delegation, Federico Carmona Ocañas, commented that most of the identified businesses are located in Tehuacán, San Martín Texmelucan, Chignahuapan and Puebla, where the factories have been technified to give added value to production.

He mentioned that along with sectorizing the clothing industry, they seek to support with training and in some cases intervene to manage public resources so that they are modernized.

The leader explained that financing can be sought and the path to obtain it facilitated, since the authorities want to empower economic sectors with more projection, such as the maquila which generates 40,000 together with the textile industry.

He pointed out that businesses that are not members of the chamber can also be considered, since some have been working independently from the beginning, because they have so determined.


He deepened that there are municipalities detected with a type of clothing, as is the case of Tehuacan, where they are engaged in the production of denim clothing; in San Martin Texmelucan pants of all kinds are made, in Xoxtla they make jackets and coats, while in Chignahuapan they produce blouses and jackets.

However, he pointed out that there are more manufacturers in other parts of the state that offer qualified labor, which is demanded by fashion companies to satisfy the market with new designs.

Carmona Ocañas indicated that innovation in garments each year opens up opportunities for workshops and maquilas in Puebla, which have been renewing themselves to be competitive, because with the infrastructure of the 90s, quality cannot be offered to brands.

“It is necessary to know who makes such clothing so that when a brand looks for a maquiladora, a recommendation can be made, which will lead to the generation of more jobs,” he said.

He explained that the census will promote the decentralization of clothing in a few municipalities and will involve the small workshops that operate in the interior of the state, which require modernization and training.

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