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Before the start of the new administrations of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico, the Secretariat of Urban Development and Construction (Seduo) of the entity reported that it seeks to accompany the municipalities to prepare the new municipal urban development plans.

The CEO of Seduo Urban Planning, Nina Carolina Izábal Martínez, explained that as a state agency they developed a strategy to support the municipalities and with this, policies, strategies and objectives can be established to make the municipal territory an orderly, productive space, “that generates well-being and wealth for its inhabitants. ”.

In this sense, he explained that municipal urban development plans are instruments that have the capacity to determine zoning, destinations and land use regulations, as well as conservation, improvement and growth actions in population centers.

By inviting the new municipal administrations to come closer and thus develop these new plans, the local official pointed out that they seek to trigger the vocation of each Mexican municipality.

“With the support of Seduo, the city councils of Mexico will be able to identify projects, works and regional works in the areas of urban development, roads, transportation, hydraulic, sanitary and electrical infrastructure, regional equipment, economic development and protection, urban image, among others. others, that are required and that pay their objectives”, he said.

Izábal Martínez pointed out that municipal authorities can go to the General Directorate of Urban Planning to receive advice.

“Even though by law there are 36 municipalities that are required to update, the accompaniment is provided to the 125 municipalities,” he remarked.

It should be remembered that this Wednesday the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) of the entity reported that due to the arrival of the new municipal administrations, the opportunity was opened to carry out a homologation between the Municipal Bandos, the urban development plans and the state law of Competitiveness and Commercial Planning.

According to the president of the State of Mexico CCE, Laura González Hernández, with these coordinated plans, another channel is opened for economic reactivation, since immediate actions can be carried out from the first order of government.

“It is very important to review the criteria used by the municipalities to give power and attribution of verification and control or issuance of licenses to government departments in economic development operations. The development plans play a fundamental role for the growth and competitiveness of the municipalities, so they must be updated but also consulted with the expert sectors on these issues,” he said.

Among the different areas of opportunity that local governments should consider, the business leader noted, highlights the issue of low-impact licenses so that they are permanent with only annual endorsement.

Another example is that the municipalities could already have a system for the rapid opening of companies, where the benefit is that a new business can be opened within 48 hours.

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