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Monterey, NL. The Ministry of Health of Nuevo León announced that the capacity is reduced from 50 to 30% in massive events, such as concerts and fairs; clubs and nightclubs; bars and canteens; casinos and stadiums starting Monday, January 24. The other activities remain with 50% capacity.

The State Secretary of Health, Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, indicated that the modification was determined due to the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19, hospitalizations, and having the Epidemiological Traffic Light close to orange.

The daily incidence of confirmed cases went from 5,950 last Tuesday, January 18, to 6,356 cases this Wednesday, January 19; hospitalizations increased from 715 to 779 in the last two days and deaths corresponding to January 19 reached 16.

When evaluating this situation with the committee of experts and with the Health Safety Committee, “we have determined that even though we continue at a yellow traffic light, due to this score very close to orange, and with the increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations, the definitions that have been taken, is that the lines of business that will have a 30% capacity, including access to pregnant women, include massive events, concerts and fairs, clubs and nightclubs, bars and canteens, casinos and stadiums.

The rest of the closed establishments will have a permitted capacity of 50%, including access to pregnant women, and taking care that all the health protocols that we have already shared with you are complied with; and for open spaces in the same way, 50% capacity is maintained.

He assured that the state epidemiological traffic light remains yellow, with four indicators in green (low risk), two in yellow (medium risk) and four in red (maximum risk).

Ómicron dominates

Marroquín Escamilla explained that according to the sequencing processes carried out, 96% of the current cases in Nuevo León correspond to the Ómicron variant, and the remaining 4% to the Delta variant.

Given the forecast of a higher peak in infections in the following days, the head of the Ministry of Health called on the population to comply with health protocols, participate in vaccination strategies and timely detection of Sars-Cov- two.

It is not time to lower our guard, we are facing the entrance of the days that I consider most critical of this fourth wave, that is why we must continue to maintain a healthy distance, the meter and a half that is recommended; frequently wash hands; go to our vaccination centers; and above all, use the mask correctly and use it all the time.”

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