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Celebrating this year its 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, China and Mexico They seek to promote the economic recovery of their markets and strengthen technological exchange relations between the two nations, as well as to face the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, announced Poppy Grijalva Vega, president of the Mexico-China Chamber of Commerce and Technology.

In a complex economic and health environment, Mexico and China have strengthened their trade relationship, he said.

“Both economies are highly complementary and share a great potential for cooperation, mainly in the technological field. The health sector is no exception, since it offers a niche of opportunities for the development of our country”, said the businesswoman.

A few days before the “Mexico China Forum 2022” event, to be held from January 24 to 27, Amapola Grijalva stated that technological advances are essential for the health sector in Mexico, both in the public and private spheres, so that at being China a forerunner of medical developments and innovations, “offers opportunities for economic strengthening in our region.”

Amapola Grijalva mentioned that the objective of celebrating 50 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both nations is also to generate better conditions for economic strengthening and take advantage of the exchange between these two commercial partners.

On his occasion, Luis Xu, regional manager for Central America and Africa at VINNO, a company specializing in the technological development of medical imaging equipment, said that Mexico is a strategic market, not only because of its proximity to the United States, but also because it is a representative economy for Central America and the rest of Latin America.

“We had to enter this market and bring the latest generation radiology and ultrasound technology and equipment that we developed, and the quality of the service we provide, closer to the Mexican people,” he considered.

With a stake in Mexico since 2015, VINNO, based in the city of Suzhou, has opted for technical development that has allowed it to create its own technology, with the application of technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), 4D for images and Wi-Fi.

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