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The antisemitic comment of a university professor Center for Higher Studies of San Ángel (TERMINATED), in Mexico, generated a wave of repudiation on social networks that even forced the educational entity to express an apology statement. the teacher joked about the holocaust and the viralization of the content gave rise to endless questions, which determined its dismissal.

Pay attention, what is the difference between a pizza and a Jew?”, with that question, the teacher Irene Garcia Mendez surprised his students in the middle of an online class. The teacher’s consultation, in a moment of relaxation, disconcerted the students.

After a few moments of silence, the students were uncomfortable with the consultation, in fact some even turned off their cameras for a few seconds, waiting for the teacher’s intervention. The teacher, seeing that none of the students followed her question, replied: “That pizza doesn’t scream when they put it in the oven”.

Controversy over an anti-Semitic comment by a university professor in Mexico

Although García Méndez laughed again after the joke, some of the students reacted with disagreement. “Your joke is too bad taste”, a girl named Nahomi told him. Laughing, the teacher only managed to say “it’s strong!”

However, the exchange did not stop there. “Yes, and I’m telling you the truth as a Jew, your joke is too bad for me”, interrupted the student, and added: “I assume my fault and I am going to withdraw from your class, thank you very much”.

The teacher then tried to decompress the situation. “I understand your displeasure perfectly, but we can understand that there are different characteristics and different ways to help and we were taking it in a nice way, it is not necessary to reach these degrees“, large.

García Méndez said that he had made the comment to distract the class. And added, however, upset. “This event, totally from my point of view, is out of place. If anyone can tell their partner to join please; nothing happens, because I don’t want him to miss class”.

CESSA University announced the dismissal of the teacher in question.
CESSA University announced the dismissal of the teacher in question.Twitter

The Twitter user AdinaChel He posted the video clip online and it quickly went viral. “Jews are used to anti-Semitism in all its forms. But there are scenes that, because they are everyday, give us goosebumps. This video made me cry with rage and courage (and sadness),” he wrote. And he added, capturing the account of the TERMINATION: “Because it’s not a joke. Any comment? Action?”

The publication generated multiple comments on that social network of users who were outraged for what happened. While some pointed out that it was just “black humor”, others indicated that it was indeed a “bad taste” joke.

One of them, Gabriel Guerra, showed his displeasure. “When I started watching the video I thought they were teenagers telling bad (and abominable) “jokes”, until I realized that the teacher was there and that she reprimanded the offended one. Hopefully CESSA will react and do the right thing,” he wrote.

For its part, the Center for Higher Studies of San Ángel issued two statements. In the first, the rector and CEO of CESSA University, Alonso Guerrero Arteaga, apologized for the “offensive comments” to the Jewish community. “For many years we have maintained a close and positive relationship, through students and teachers in our house of studies, as well as the different preparatory schools with which we have a very good relationship, and we want to continue maintaining it in this way,” he said.

In the second, he reported the disassociation of the teacher. “The teacher who made the anti-Semitic comments was fired immediately. His offensive statements were made in a personal capacity and do not reflect the position of CESSA Universidad, nor the values ​​with which we work in our institution”, he communicated.

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