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The success of a rich empanada, as well as that of a tasty cake, is the combination of a tender dough with a soft but crunchy texture, with a filling that pleasantly surprises the palate. Harmony is an art. In this compilation of traditional fillings for empanadas and cakes The secrets are found to achieve that expected flavor but at the same time renew the diner’s confidence when ordering it again.

A key: the pie and tart filling it has to be so balanced that you want to eat it directly as if it were a dish in itself.

Galician empanada
Galician empanadaShutterstock

The filling of the Galician empanada, as it is done in Galicia, can be beef, pork, chicken, tuna, sardine or other shellfish. But, for Argentines, usually the Galician pie recipe It has a tuna filling. Previously, a sauce of onion and bell peppers is made; Unlike the fillings of other empanadas, the Galician empanada usually does not contain tomato. East Galician empanada filling It is used for cakes that are cut into portions at the time of serving, empanadas of different sizes and it goes with any type of dough, whether Creole or puff pastry, homemade or industrial. Also, it can be eaten hot or cold.

Chard filling for empanadas and cakes.
Chard filling for empanadas and cakes.Shutterstock

With a packet of chard, an onion, cheese and condiments, a very easy basic filling for empanadas, cakes or cannelloni is made. Sauté the chopped onions in oil, add the raw or blanched chard, cut into julienne strips so that they cook more easily, the chosen seasonings (nutmeg, pepper, garlic powder), the grated cheese, remove, stir to remove the steam and proceed to use the chard stuffing to assemble empanadas or cakes. To chard empanadas recipe You can add a hard-boiled egg or cubes of fresh cheese to add protein and more flavor.

Humita is a corn-based meal typical of the Andes region. It is eaten both in northern Argentina and in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and southern Colombia. In some localities they say huminta although it has nothing neither smoked nor smoked despite its name. The humita, is a kind of mashed corn seasoned with spices from the region, such as sweet paprika and pepper.. The humita can be eaten alone; served wrapped in the husks of a corn cob; or as a garnish with meat. It is also used as a filling for cakes, empanadas, cannelloni or tarts and is one of the essential flavors on a night of empanadas and wine.

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