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The story of Julie Haynes, a young woman from England, is that of millions of people around the world who looking for love through dating apps. Like bowling in other times, these new digital spaces became the ideal place to meet people. Above all, in the midst of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At haynes caseShe is the mother of two children and just broke up of the children’s father. Everything was going well on his excursion in the app when started talking to a man, until he realized that this person he wasn’t who he said he was.

To begin, misled her about her employment status, and even worse, he lied to her about his relationship status, since this man, presumably a mason and owner of his own company, he was engaged to another woman.

Julie Heynes was cheated on a dating app
Julie Heynes was cheated on a dating appInstagram @twins_and_me_

Even this person assured him that he lived in Ireland, when in fact, your home is in another part of Great Britain: Newcastle, England. In dialogue with RSBP Live, Julie gave details of her hilarious conversation with this man: “He told me that he was a bricklayer, that he had his own company, and that he had four or five boys working under him.. He said he had moved to Cork from Clare because he wanted to expand his business.”

The suitor’s narration captivated Julie, since, in theory, he lived very close to her house. “I thought: this guy is well off and works in Douglas, just 20 minutes from my house”. For the better, the candidate offered him an “always respectful” treatment, which particularly attracted him.

Finally, the moment of the meeting occurred: he invited her to have a coffee. In order to attend the meeting, Julie had to ask a person to help take care of her children: in this case, it was her own mother, who even did her hair and makeup. The time of the meeting was 4:00 p.m., so a while before, he contacted him to finalize details.

The frustration came when the man told him that he could not attend the meeting because of a problem at work. Attentive, Julie suspected that something was wrong. “I thought, why didn’t he text me sooner? Why did you wait until the last minute?” he said in the interview.

As a result of the “failure”, Haynes decided to investigate a little more about this mysterious subject. The clue he used was a piece of information he had given him about his deceased father., so he turned to Ireland’s obituary site. “I went to And found it. He owned a big business in Limerick.”, he specified. In turn, in the epitaph, the names of his children appeared, among which his love interest did not appear.

Julie Haynes revealed that she was cheated on by a man through a dating app
Julie Haynes revealed that she was cheated on by a man through a dating appInstagram: @twins_and_me_

How did Julie react to this news? As revealed, He called him to reproach him for having lied to him, and immediately afterwards, he blocked him from his social networks. Not only that: also, published a photo of the person to warn other women that it was an impostor.

Worse still was finding out that had not been the only victim of the individual: after sharing your image on Instagram, five other women they sent him screenshots of the conversations they had had with the same user.

Julie’s case left dating app users with profound reflection on the importance of always verifying the identity of those who interact with us in the increasingly widespread virtual world.

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