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The substitute federal judge of Bariloche Gustavo Zapata investigates ex officio the ferocious attack on two 23-year-old tourists by Mapuches from the community Lafken Winkul Map Last Friday while they were cutting Route 40 at the height of Villa Mascardi, two months after the crime of Elías Garay in Cuesta del Ternero.

The case began ex officio by the court that gave orders to the Gendarmerie. The cause refers to the roadblock and covers any type of incident related”, explained judicial sources to the website Black river. Also, they regretted that “If the prevention force -by Gendarmerie- does not act at the moment it is almost impossible to identify the perpetrators” of the aggression with stones and sticks to the people of Buenos Aires who came to ask how long the protest would take.

The victims had not made the complaint because they considered that it would not be useful and they wanted to end their vacation “in the best possible way”. manifested to THE NATION.

The person who heads the judicial process and will order proceedings on the event, after Zapata’s ex officio intervention, is the Bariloche federal prosecutor. Sylvia Little. On the same day the community Lof Quemtreu It also cut Route 40 a few kilometers from El Bolsón for the same reason.

The fact that the Federal Justice is investigating occurred on Friday, January 21, and had as victims Marco Galderisi and his friend Patrick. Along with seven other friends, the young people rented two cars in Bariloche to spend the day in El Bolsón. At the height of Villa Mascardi, they found the route cut by members of the Mapuche community. Lafken Winkul Map and they approached the demonstrators to ask if at any time they were going to be able to continue.

“We got out of the car with two friends, I had sunglasses and one of my friends was with mate in hand. We just wanted to know if they would lift the cut in a while or not, so we could decide what to do. I asked a girl and another one appeared who told me that she was very close and, out of nowhere, another guy smacked me in the head. And then another. Patricio was also hit hard in the forehead, and my other friend managed to get us away from the place, while they threw stones at us.”, Galderisi told THE NATION.

Two young people were attacked by hooded men in front of the cut of Route 40 in Villa Mascardi
Two young people were attacked by hooded men in front of the cut of Route 40 in Villa Mascardi

The injured youths were assisted in a small room of the National Gendarmerie, near the roadblock. They were then treated at the Bariloche Regional Private Hospital, where they underwent CT scans to verify the severity of the injuries sustained.

Galderisi assured: “We got it cheap, but they wanted to kill us. They weren’t twigs, they hit us with tremendous sticks, and on the head. And on top of that they threw stones at us, which also hit the cars that were there.”

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