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The season started rough for Adriana Salgueiro. Indeed, the actress had an accident and ended up with two of her ribs fractured.

This was revealed by the mobilero of Intruders in the ShowGonzalo Vazquez from Mar del Plata, where the actress is part of the cast of The girl in the pink hat, a production by Aldo Funes where he shares the bill with María Rosa Fugazot, Zulma Faiad, Alberto Martín, Matías Santoiani and Kitty Locane.

Announced as breaking news, Vázquez said that Salgueiro went to the sanatorium due to severe pain in the side of his chest. As he explained, it was product of a fall suffered last week.

Adriana Salgueiro.
Adriana Salgueiro.

The episode was behind the scenes, before heading out to the show. Vázquez added that the actress fell on the side that had the hip operated on. Scared by the situation, once the show was over, she went to the doctor. They did an X-ray and ruled out a blow to the hip and consequences on the breast. But the pain did not stop, so Salgueiro went to the doctor again this morning. On this occasion, and after the corresponding studies, He was diagnosed with two broken ribs.

Aware of the situation, the journalist went to seek the word of the actress. “Adriana, how are you?” Vázquez wanted to know. “Divine! in my best summer”, replied the actress with all possible irony. “One thing after another. Every day I have a new joy, “he added.

Then, he told what happened to him: “I fell behind the stage and gave myself a tremendous blow. So much so that today I had to go to the doctor. They did an ultrasound, they looked at everything and in reality what hurt me, it still hurts a lot, was the blow. It was a horrible blow”.

Asked about the episode, Adriana told what happened before going on stage and that it was a strange blow. “I was climb two steps before going on stage, before the show started, and my cue went backwards and I fell. Thank God there was a wall because otherwise I would break my neck”, he thanked. “I was hanging from the wall and I hit this area very hard,” he explained, pointing to the left part of the chest, under the arm.

Adriana Salgueiro.
Adriana Salgueiro.

After talking about his health, Vázquez wanted to know what opinion did you deserve the words of Martín Bossi, who assured that the theater did not have good press and that “the Covid story is not working” because “people want to live”.

“I don’t know why he said that,” Salgueiro responded. “I believe that the information that is being given about the Covid in the theaters it is the real one”, he added. “There is one thing that is very important: people watch the news all the time and knows perfectly well that the theater is an absolutely safe place because of the issue of distance and protocol. Then what the producers or the actors or everything else begins to transmit must always be taken with a grain of salt. But I am not going to put myself in an opinologist, ”he closed.

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