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Chairman Mao’s stated ambition, as part of his Great Leap Forward, was to turn China into a “kingdom of bicycles.”

The pedaling masses would be positive proof of the triumph of the proletariat. In the 1970s, there were more than 500 million carts on the streets of Beijing and other major Chinese cities.

Cycles became status symbols, along with clocks, sewing machines, and steam radios. A bicycle was one of the must-haves that young women of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) looked for in a future husband.

If you wanted to get ahead in the old Forbidden Kingdom, you had a bike.

Any young party bureaucrat who could get his leg over a crossbar was guaranteed a replacement.

Chairman Mao’s stated ambition, as part of his Great Leap Forward, was to turn China into a “kingdom of bicycles.”

However, after Mao busted his little wooden clogs in 1976, his forward-thinking successors realized that their great nation was headed for an economic dead end.

Pedaling fell out of favour, giving way to the development of modern technologies designed to compete with the capitalist West.

Today, China is the world’s largest automaker and the Chinese are well on their way to overtaking the United States as an economic powerhouse.

As an efficient means of transportation, bicycles proved as forward-thinking as Mao-style rowing the dog down the Yangtze.

Sadly, it’s a missed lesson for the sheep-headed communists who seem to be running 21st-century Britain.

Under the cover of Covid, they have turned our city centers into crazy golf courses, intending to thwart freedom of movement by prioritizing lycra-clad lunatics on racing bikes and suicide riders on electric scooters.

Transportation policy has been captured by single-issue anti-car zealots hell-bent on bankrupting businesses and causing as much inconvenience as possible to the traveling public.

Genghis Khan’s London appears to have been hit by a barrage of neutron bombs, leaving buildings and cycle lanes untouched and obliterating all commercial human activity.

Our other major cities have suffered from pollution-spewing traffic jams created by city hall watchdog polar bear huggers, slaves to the cult of the great biker god.

Perhaps it should read ‘Cyclops’, as the touring bike lobby is extremely short-sighted when it comes to seeing any point of view other than their own distorted ideology.

They have even infiltrated the very heart of government. The Highway Code has now fallen into the hands of the forces of the Islington revolution. The new code, scheduled to take effect on January 29, gives priority to cyclists and pedestrians in all circumstances.

Bicyclists are encouraged to ride in twos or threes in the middle of the road, deliberately slowing traffic to a crawl. Motorists are expected to yield to both bicycles and pedestrians when turning left.

The Department for Transport says it will “introduce a hierarchy of road users to ensure that road users who are likely to cause the most harm have the greatest responsibility for reducing the danger or threat they may pose to others.” When the proposals were first discussed, Boris Johnson said it would “help rid our nation of cyclists.”

Who voted for that?

Bike lanes built in recent years ‘due to Covid’ are deserted most of the time.

The congestion caused by channeling cars, vans and trucks into one lane is horrendous and counter-productive to the often claimed goal of reducing emissions.

All you need to know about this madness is that the department of transportation’s ‘consultation process’ did not include a single automotive organization. The pro-bicycle extremists were given a blank sheet of paper to write their own rules.

The revised Highway Code is just the latest example of how virtually every area of ​​public policy has surrendered to a cabal of blind neo-communist fanatics.

The revised Highway Code is just the latest example of how virtually every area of ​​public policy has surrendered to a cabal of blind neo-communist fanatics.

For years, the powerful cycling lobby has been infiltrating its employees into positions of influence, with the help and complicity of posh guys like Call Me Dave and Boris, always eager to flaunt their ‘green’ credentials, while catching planes. private and chauffeured limousines every time. they like it.

Even Genghis Khan, that self-proclaimed socialist champion of the two-wheeled good brigade, tours London in a £300,000 armored Range Rover, courtesy of the Old Bill.

Under the new rules, there is no requirement for bicyclists to use expensive bike lanes. So what are they for?

Cyclists will also not have to pay road taxes or buy insurance, or wear protective helmets, like other road users. Why the hell not? This is a letter to anti-capitalist activists who want to take Britain back to the Stone Age, or at least to the era of 1949 Beijing.

We are waiting for the Great Leap Back.

And to hell with White Van Man and everyone else who relies on motorized vehicles for a living or just getting around.

The revised Highway Code is just the latest example of how virtually every area of ​​public policy has surrendered to a cabal of blind neo-communist fanatics. Look at the lunatics who are now formulating ruinous plans for ‘green’ power generation under a so-called ‘Conservative’ government.

Not content with making us all colder and poorer, they are also determined to make commuting slower.

They must be out of their tiny Chinese minds.

Extinction Rebellion cartel chico Grant Shapps has released a video with someone described as ‘social media personality tommy Sergeant, who imitates train broadcasters on TikTok’. Hey? When did that become a job?

The latest politician to make it all over them during the Get Boris pile-up is Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani, who says she was sacked as transport minister after being told her colleagues were uncomfortable with her because she was a Muslim woman. I wasn’t there, and neither were you. So who knows what happened? It could be the case that she was fired for being useless.

Frankly, I don’t think so and I also don’t think a conservative whip is that stupid in this day and age. And when the moment of truth came, she did not file a formal complaint. So why now?

The defense attorney would point out that Boris has the most diverse Cabinet in history, including a Muslim Health Secretary and a Muslim Education Secretary, as well as a Hindu Foreign Minister and a Hindu Home Secretary.

The Bubble is in Rollerball mode, chasing his own tail. The Left has wanted to promote a row of ‘Conservative Islamophobia’ for years, to counter Labour’s all-too-real anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, 34-year-old snowflake Billy Bragg, or whatever his name is, absurdly described by announcers as a ‘senior’ conservative, has run to the police babbling that whips are beastly. How many more times: It’s not about you, petal. Grow up!

When and if Boris is pushed out of number 10, the main candidates to succeed him are Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

In anticipation of a leadership contest, an enterprising investor has purchased domain names, including


They are offered to candidates for £88,000 each. Doesn’t seem that catchy to me either. So I went online yesterday and managed to buy and for £15 and £23 respectively.

I am more than happy to deliver them.

Call it $75,000 cash.

The brilliant composer Tom Lehrer said that satire died the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger was the US Secretary of State who planned the massive bombing of Cambodia.

So what would Lehrer have done with the academics who gave George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four a trigger warning? The University of Northampton (indeed, another improved technical university) has declared that Orwell’s classic novel about the dangers of totalitarianism can be “offensive and disturbing”.

You couldn’t make it up.

Meanwhile, the BBC has been busy censoring classic episodes of Steptoe & Son and Dad’s Army that don’t fit in with modern snowflake sensibilities. They don’t like to be hit, Mr. Mainwaring.

The BBC has been busy censoring classic episodes of Steptoe & Son (above) that don't fit in with modern sensibilities.

The BBC has been busy censoring classic episodes of Steptoe & Son (above) that don’t fit in with modern sensibilities.

It’s not just the Beeb, either. Superwoke Sky, now the official broadcast partner of the BLM, is ten times worse. Over the weekend, I set out to see Lawrence of Arabia. The 1962 film won seven Oscars and is rightly considered one of the best ever made. However, Sky decided that the most important thing was to warn viewers that it contains “outdated attitudes, language and cultural representations that may offend”. Where are the George Orwells and Tom Lehrers when we need them today?

As Lehrer once observed: ‘When I was in college, there were certain words you couldn’t say in front of a girl. Now you can say them, but you can’t say ‘girl’.’

Bombs away!

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