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Composer, actor and director Lin-Manuel Miranda became a household name thanks to his prolific work in hamilton, but has always written music for various Disney animated projects. The last of these is Charm, where a track “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” ended reaching number 1 on billboards graph and breaking records. Miranda recently reacted to the success of “Bruno”, while admitting that her son had already outgrown the hit song.

While there are a number of certifiable bops in Charm, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is an incredible ensemble number in which almost every member of the Madrigal family sings. quickly became a fan favorite, especially once the Jared Bush and Byron Howard movie became available to stream on Disney+ after a theatrical career. It turns out that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s son has noticed the success of that particular song, as the acclaimed multifaceted shared:

My son came home from school today and said, ‘Dad, everyone is singing it.’ He is proud and says: ‘Okay, already’. Because remember, you heard that song last May. He is way above that.

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