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Continue with the extension of the Line 12 Mixcoac-Observatory, achieve the completion of section 3 of the Intercity Train Mexico-Toluca, as well as start the construction of the Cablebus Chapultepec, are some of the most important projects that are sought to be completed within the 2022 works and services program of Mexico City.

At a press conference, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, announced the plan for this year, which seeks to continue the works that began in 2021, as well as start new projects.

The program for this year has six axes: city of rights, sustainable city, public space, more and better mobility, cultural capital of America, as well as Bosque de Chapultepec-Nature and Culture.

These axes also translate into a total of 478 work fronts (classified into types of infrastructure, such as education, health, culture, mobility and transportation, sustainable city, parks and public space), all of them give an investment, just to Secretariat of Works and Services of the capital, of 26,217 million pesos.

“I would say that the fundamental axes, obviously, are education, health, mobility and public space, it is where we have invested the most in the City Government and we are going to continue investing (…) These are works, as you can see, they are all directly for the benefit of citizens,” said Sheinbaum Pardo.

In this regard, the Secretary of Works and Services of Mexico City, Jesús Antonio Esteva Medina, informed that the resources that are being invested for this year are of federal and local origin, with which they seek to materialize several pending projects, such as connectivity and mobility.

For example, he stressed that the expansion of Line 12 Mixcoac-Observatory continues for this year, there is projected an investment this year for 3,129.8 million pesos.

“This year, we are already expecting the completion of the entire tunnel, all the lining, starting the implementation of the track, also working on the electromechanical installations and the connection part with the Mixcoac station, what we call the pants and the storage area,” he said.

There is also the completion of section 3 of the Intercity Train Mexico-Toluca, where 8,999 million pesos will be invested.

“The Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train, whose goal is to finish this year all the civil works and the fronts that we have under our responsibility; right now we are bidding for the Observatory Viaduct, in part of the Observatory station, and we are already working on the Santa Fe Mixed Viaduct, advancing on the metal structures,” explained the official.

The secretary explained that they will also build new works for this 2022, which in part seek to replicate the success stories that have been had in terms of infrastructure, for example, making one more line of the cablebus and build another recycling plant for San Juan de Aragón.

For the entire project Cablebus Chapultepec A bag of federal resources for 1,800 million pesos will be allocated, while for the new recycling plant the investment of the local government is 425 million.


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