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Seventeen years after launching the TOUR360 golf shoe franchise, Adidas has unveiled its latest offering in the series with the TOUR360 22. Here’s everything you need to know:

THAT STANDS OUT: The influence of Xander Schauffele. “It was like meeting an old friend,” said Schauffele, who was first introduced to TOUR360 22 when Masun Denison, global director of footwear for Adidas Golf, arrived at Temecula Creek Golf Course north of San Diego last January with a prototype for Schauffele to test. out of.

Schauffele, who has worn TOUR360 shoes since college and most recently wore TOUR360 throughout 2020, was impressed, but was not shy about criticizing Denison, primarily with the shoe’s structure and support, cleat placement, and even the toe aesthetic. down (the prototype was compared to older TOUR360 models that featured two stitched lines on the toe, and Schauffele wanted a cleaner look).

“The feedback was very influential in the development of the product,” said Denison. “…Xander was excited to be involved from then until the final design execution, so you can see how excited he is to use the new model. In fact, I wanted to start using it in early October 2021, but we had to stop it.”

Schauffele, on the other hand, was given the go-ahead to don the new shoe earlier this month in Kapalua, where he wore TOUR360 22 in a special colourway (to keep the new shoe “somewhat hidden,” says Denison). The end product was very much a creation involving Schauffele.

OTHER FEATURES: Denison and his team’s focus for TOUR360 22 was how to improve two areas: fit and traction. For the former, they implemented what is called the feet you use last, which was first developed and introduced in 1996 but not used in a golf shoe until now. The latter mimics the natural shape of the foot, helping players create a better connection to the ground and allowing the foot to move naturally by hugging and cradling the natural contours of the foot.

As for the traction, Spikemore The technology has been updated and improved by injecting the studs, which are larger than previous spikes but also vary in size and include a central cone for better grip, into the TPU base. Because of this, the shoe’s engineers were able to place the studs more precisely, adjust their density, and make each area of ​​the sole unique to meet the demands of the golf swing.


Also used on the TOUR360 22 the Entresuela DualStack, which combines full-length Boost cushioning with an EVA Stability Frame, a horseshoe-shaped frame that surrounds the perimeter of the shoe and gives golfers a stable base from which to swing. The GeoFit neck pad adds comfort to the top of the foot, the inner template increases cushioning around the foot, especially in the heel, and the 3D torsion system it’s an in-mold plate that adds stability in the midfoot.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: “I got to see first-hand how much detail went into bringing this shoe to life and it was a really unique learning experience. The shoe is very important in the golf swing, but it can also help increase confidence. After spending quite a bit of time testing the TOUR360 22, I know that golfers will feel a higher level of stability, traction and comfort, which are things we all need from our footwear on the course in order for us to perform at our best.” – Shovel

“I have used almost every TOUR360 model since I started my career and it always amazes me how the footwear team keeps raising the bar year after year. I really like the design and styling of this new model, but the traction, feel and comfort I get definitely makes this the best version of the TOUR360 I’ve ever ridden.” –Dustin Johnson

“The TOUR360 22 is packed with so much innovation and technology that I could feel the difference the moment I put it on. What impressed me most was how meticulous the team was throughout the design process, and I think the final product is a testament to adidas’ commitment to never stop striving for improvement. I am very excited to act in it this season.” – Danielle Kang

SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES: Men – $210; $250 (boas); Women – $200; Youth – $65

AVAILABILITY: January 28 (March 1 for the Boa model)

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