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The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that from January 10 to this Monday it has granted, through the application Digital IMSS and of online procedure, more than 171,000 authorizations from the Covid-19 permit.

This procedure was launched in order to streamline the IMSS processes to grant inability workers registered with the Institute who present respiratory symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Through a statement, the IMSS reported that the Covid-19 permit it can only be processed once and for up to seven days. In the event that the beneficiary requires more time to heal from the infection, he or she must go to his or her family doctor to have a medical exam and the therapy to be followed can be defined.

Ante la fourth wave of coronavirus facing the country, the IMSS facilitated the way in which a Covid-19 Permit could be processed. This can be done through your application Digital IMSS or through their website.

This measure is carried out in order to prevent infected workers from having to move to collect the subsidy, corresponding to 60% of their salary from the fourth day of disability, and thus help break the transmission chain and comply with the protection at home.

The Covid-19 permit can be requested by the successors who present coronavirus symptomatology, or those asymptomatic workers have a positive laboratory test result.

This permit does not require the mandatory filing of a covid-19 test and is not subject to the epidemiological traffic light, the Institute said in the statement.

The Covid-19 Permit has a duration of seven days for beneficiaries with symptoms and five days for asymptomatic people who have a positive test.

Until Sunday, Mexico accumulated 4 million 667,829 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 303,183 deaths from the disease.

How to process my Covid-19 Permit?

To process the Covid-19 Permit, you must:

  • Enter the page, or to the IMSS Digital application and click on Enter Covid-19 Permit.
  • Capture the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and the applicant’s postal code, and then click “Start”.
  • Answer questionnaires about symptoms, vaccination status and pre-existing conditions.
  • Enter additional information such as the phone number of a contact.
  • Indicate if there is any proof of respiratory disease (which, this time, will not be a condition for granting the permit).
  • Provide an email and interbank CLABE to receive the corresponding payment.

After the permit is authorized, the beneficiary must only notify their work center to justify the absence.

The Mexican Social Security Institute indicated that in the event that the infected person presents more serious symptoms or discomfort of the Covid-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus during their disability, they should receive medical attention or call 800 2222 668, in order to avoid health complications.

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