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After finishing an arduous year of work, Jimena Barón began 2022 with a spectacular trip to Madrid with her son, Morrison, fruit of his past relationship with Daniel Osvaldo. The singer, who is very active on social networks, shares photos and videos of her outings in the Spanish city and, in the midst of the fun, also expressed concern about the expenses they make in euros. listening to his mother, “Momo” had a gesture that surprised her and filled her with tenderness.

Mother and son chose the European city to take a few days off in the middle of winter. But also because will be part of Around the world (Telephone), the program hosted by Marley, where they will tour the tourist attractions of the area. But, before fulfilling this commitment, they took the opportunity to get to know everything they could about the Spanish capital.

But nevertheless, spending in euros became a concern for the singer and “Momo” reacted listening to his mother talk about the high cost of eating in a Spanish restaurant. I told him how expensive everything is and he asked please to wrap the two potatoes and the piece of hamburger to eat it in the afternoon”, revealed the interpreter of “La Cobra” in a video that was uploaded to Instagram, revealing the moving gesture of the 7-year-old boy. Then he exclaimed: “I love”.

On this occasion, the boy decided to help with saving money. However, this was not the case when they first arrived in Spain, since the boy was attracted by the products on sale. “He asks for things every two seconds, which are in euros of course, he thinks I’m Santa Claus”Jimena commented on her social networks.

This is not the first time that the artist refers to the high costs that this trip to Europe is representing. Days ago, Jimena divided opinions in the networks with a publication in which he showed some of the purchases they made, among which stood out: three t-shirts, a pack of ten children’s briefs, some women’s boots and some sweets. “We did the conversion and it is $4,500 Argentine pesos. What do you think? Is it convenient or is it more expensive?, he inquired in dialogue with his followers.

But daily expenses were not the only problem that bothered Jimena in Spain, the singer recounted the ordeal she experienced at the airport when they canceled their flight to Bilbao due to the bad weather in the area. The situation led her to wait more than three hours on the spot. “I have the chinstrap on exactly 24 hours ago,” she revealed indignantly. Fortunately, he managed to fix the problem and the trip continued.

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