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Sergio Aguero said goodbye to football but not in the funniest style that always characterized him. Even in the announcement of his retirement from professional sports, which took place in the Camp Nou of FC Barcelona, the When He showed his funniest side, which from time to time he also exposes in interviews and on his own social networks.

He did so this Sunday, by sharing a video on his Instagram account with a curious reflection that involved one of the top resorts, where many Argentines spend the summer. On the balcony of an apartment in Buenos Aires, the former player of the Manchester City He filmed himself and stated: “There were many people in Punta (del Este) who said ‘to see the sunset, the sun, how it goes down…’”.

Kun Agüero’s reflection on the sunset

Then, Omen He focused the camera on the spectacular sunset that he saw from where he was, with the buildings of the city in the background, and concluded, with a slightly surprised face: “In Punta, anywhere, you can see the same”.

The former soccer player, whose career is now focused on your team of e-sports, Krü, spent a few days in the Uruguayan resort with his girlfriend, Sofia Calzetti, and a group of friends. There, they stayed in a country house in Jose Ignacio, where they took advantage of the silence, nature and even went horseback riding.

Sofía Calzetti and Sergio Agüero enjoyed horseback riding in José Ignacio
Sofía Calzetti and Sergio Agüero enjoyed horseback riding in José IgnacioInstagram @soficalzetti

In the East, the idol of Independent and her partner also visited the family of Mirtha Legrand in Casablanca, the historic residence they have in the exclusive area of ​​José Ignacio. As shared by the daughter of the legendary TV host, Marcela Tinayre, the ex Barcelona and the entrepreneur spent a nice day there. “Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero and ‘Sofita’ it was a pleasure to welcome you and share the eastern sunset at home”, Said the businesswoman and mother of Juana and Nacho Viale.

Marcela Tinayre and the
Marcela Tinayre and “Kun” Aguero

Already away from professional football, from which he said goodbye just over a month ago, Omen he continues to stay in shape and will probably continue to be linked to the sport. In his last publications, he was shown playing tennis, in a video where he wrote: “Training”.

Socks, for his part, has just launched his own clothing brand, which he named Zettia, by the end of his last name. This one has sports clothing and for the moment it is only sold in Spain, where she lives with her boyfriend. On its site, the textile line says that “It’s not just an activewear fashion project. It is the universe where Sofia has managed to pour all her values ​​and beliefs”.

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