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The RFC con homoclave it is one of the most important tools for adult life. Mexicans, from the age of 18, can get the so-called Federal Taxpayer Registry – better known as RFC -, that is, enroll in the taxpayer registry of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and thus begin with their tax obligations that generated, depending on the case.

Altogether, the RFC con homoclave It is composed of 13 characters that arise from the citizen’s name and date of birth. To process it, taxpayers must make an appointment at the SAT for the “Registration to the RFC of natural persons” service.

Already with the appointment in hand, the necessary thing will be to enlist the documents that the treasury requests for the registration to the RFC. The first is the Birth Certificate issued by the Civil Registry, or the Personal Identity Card issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

In case of being Mexican by naturalization, the SAT requests an original or certified copy of the naturalization letter, which had to have been issued by a competent authority. Another relevant requirement is to have a Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

Also, you will have to carry some official identification with a photograph. For this, the SAT accepts the Military Service Card, valid passport, professional ID, driver’s license or permit, as well as work identification credentials.

Identification credentials may also be presented as users or beneficiaries of federal and state health sector institutions, issued by public schools, maritime identity and/or sea book, among others that can be consulted here:

Likewise, the citizen must bring proof of address, acknowledgment of pre-registration in the RFC in those cases where the request was initiated through the SAT portal, as well as provide an email and bring a USB memory, preferably new.

In the SAT offices, you must provide the information requested, as well as register your biometric data, fingerprints, autograph signature, as well as the digitization of the requested documents.

How to calculate the RFC if I forget?

As mentioned, the RFC con homoclave consists of 13 characters. Although the last three characters are the homoclave, and are digits provided by the SAT, the other 10 characters can be easily calculated as follows:

  • The first two characters correspond to the first letter of the paternal surname + the first vowel of the same surname.
  • The third character corresponds to the first letter of the second surname and, in case of not having one, the letter X will be used.
  • Continue the first letter of the first name
  • The numbers that continue are composed as follows: the last two digits of the year of birth, the month of birth in two digits, the day of birth in two digits.
  • The last three characters of the RFC are the homoclave, and although there are different internet sites to calculate it, the SAT has emphasized that only the treasury is the institution authorized to grant the homoclave.

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