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During this week’s “Monday Mailbag,” Mike Chioda described the infamous WWE Raw between Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle that ended with Michelle seriously injured.

“I remember Beth was on her game. I was ready to have a great game. I think it was a pay-per-view,” Chioda began.

“Candace had been partying all week. She was very partying. She wasn’t a very experienced fighter at the time either.”

“I remember she got hurt,” Chioda said of Candice Michelle. “He almost got dizzy. She rang her bell. I remember something happened outside the corner and they were yelling at me. I remember the finish line collapsed, something fell and I told Beth to get her out from under the bottom rope to cover her. He was so prone to finishing matches even when someone was hurt.”

“The fighters wouldn’t even let you stop it if they were squeezing juice and bleeding everywhere, really bad cuts, broken arms or whatever. It was basically when a fighter got hurt, it was just getting through the match, pinning the guy and getting to the back. These days are a little different,” he continued.

“I remember Vince came back. She (Candice) was a little out of it, and it wasn’t Beth’s fault. Beth Phoenix was on her game. It was just that I think Candice was out of breath or hungover or something. I shouldn’t have told him to take her out and cover her to end the match, but I didn’t stop him. When I got back, Vince left it for me. It gave me a rip in the ass. tore me apart It was hot.

“I remember him saying to me, ‘What the hell were you thinking?’” Chidoa continued, “I said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m so prone to doing these fucking matches and be done with it. In my career, I have never stopped a match due to injury. Never. I think I had been in the business for 20 years at the time. I told him: ‘We are not prone to stopping matches.’ We started working on it.”

“After that happened, I remember we start working on it when people get knocked out to stop the match. It was my fault. I should have stopped it. The match was not going well. Beth Phoenix was always on her game. I couldn’t wait for the match to end. So Candice got hurt at the end and made things even worse.”

Since then, WWE has taken steps to protect wrestlers when they are injured during a match. Whether it’s a cut, a knockout, or an injury, WWE has protocols in place for referees to stop matches if someone is knocked out the way Candice Michelle did.

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