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Nicolás Figal is already a Boca player. The former Independiente defender, who has just played for Inter Miami, in the American league, was presented this Monday as a xeneize reinforcement, and has already trained with the squad led by Sebastián Battaglia. Is he second reinforcement confirmed at the Ribera club, after the return of Darío Benedetto, while the return of Guillermo Pol Fernández is also a fact.

Nicolás Figal, together with Ameal and Bermúdez in the Bombonera
Nicolás Figal, together with Ameal and Bermúdez in the BomboneraTwitter

Figal, who will wear the number 4 shirt, highlighted: “When I found out about the possibility of reaching Boca, I didn’t hesitate, because I really wanted to return to the country and much more to Boca. It is a privilege to wear this shirt. This is a very big club in the world and I am proud to be here, I am very happy to be able to represent this shirt”. The player gave a press conference in which he was accompanied by the president of the club, Jorge Amor Ameal, and by Jorge Bermúdez, a member of the Football Council.

“In all the big teams there are great players, and within this squad there are very good players, but I like to compete. Honestly, my motor is to compete, so I will try to earn a place. I know that I come to a team like Boca, which has so many titles and the best players are there, that’s what I like. We have great players and we are here to fight on all fronts that we set out to do”, added Figal, who will have to find a place in an area of ​​the field where Luis Advíncula (in the right lane) and Carlos Izquierdoz (central) usually start.

Figal, with the shirt of Inter Miami, with whom he played last season
Figal, with the shirt of Inter Miami, with whom he played last seasonArchive

The 27-year-old defender who will most likely have his chance given the numerous suspensions that Boca’s defenders have in the Copa Libertadores, commented: “It’s a great challenge. I arrive at an age where I feel very good mentally and physically. I think that a Boca player has to have all the qualities: he has to be fast, know how to play in the middle of the field and have a lot of seasoning. I arrive at an age where I have a stronger mentality than I did when I was 20 years old.”

Figal, who had trained on his own before joining the xeneize squad, considered that he still does not arrive in ideal conditions. “I have to have a good preseason. I’m fine physically, but I want to improve. The coach will decide when I will play”, he remarked. With conditions to play as a winger or as a central defender, the defender clarified that he will be “where Sebastian (Battaglia) needs him”.

The landing of Figal took place at the same time that the transfer of Lisandro López to Tijuana, from Mexico, was completed. Thus, Boca bought one hundred percent of his pass for about 3 million dollars, with a contract until December 2024.

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