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Queretaro, Qro. The state government announced an investment of 4,000 million pesos in the security strategy proposed by the local administration.

The pool of public resources is aimed at strengthening infrastructure, technology, as well as equipment and capacity development, announced Governor Mauricio Kuri González.

The investment, and the security model, provides for the construction of a Central Command Center: which will integrate three state-of-the-art buildings, will house a world-class training area, as well as a police training center that is expected to have the latest technological advances for their preparation, specialization and training. One of the buildings will integrate the new headquarters of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC).

With this strategy, stated Kuri González, the aim is to prevent crime through investments in technological systems, such as the use of drones, video surveillance schemes, security arches, remote license plate readers, data banks, together with the modernization of reaction and operation centers.

The security model will have 3,500 monitoring points on both streets and avenues. As well as 64 state-of-the-art road arches that will have the function of recognizing vehicle plates.

A cybersecurity platform will also be included, which will facilitate the massive handling of data and information, collecting them in real time and systematizing them.

Likewise, 18 hangars will be established for remote surveillance drones, with state-of-the-art technology; a Hybrid Data Transport Network (RTDH) that will be made up of microwave links with almost 200 kilometers of fiber optics and transmission antennas.

In addition, there will be 95 video surveillance stations; 10,000 neighborhood safety kits, which will include alert buttons and WiFi cameras, these devices will be placed in the neighborhoods with the greatest problems and will be linked to the command centers.

The security model proposed by the state government will also include a video analytics system for 750 cameras, as well as a video management system. In addition, the building complex will have a central axis, equipped to connect to the rest of the entity’s C2, C4 and C5 type command and control centers, projecting it to be the first of its kind in the country.

“We have come to announce that the state of Querétaro is determined to continue to preserve security, shield the state and clean our streets. (…) I announce an investment of more than 4,000 million pesos, in better infrastructure, technology, equipment and development of new capacities. (…) Our country is covered in blood, we have to shield Querétaro, to maintain peace and tranquility in our state”, he declared during his speech.

Kuri González highlighted that neighboring entities live in a complex context in terms of security.

“Whoever commits a crime is going to have to go back the way they came, otherwise they are going to end up in jail. (…) Whoever violates the law will be exemplarily punished,” he commented.

The head of the Executive Power of the state outlined two objectives: one, to shield the state with a sophisticated monitoring system (which includes surveillance of accesses, highways and roads, as well as data collection from all our borders); and the second, to apply the law in the streets, prioritizing that peace and tranquility prevail.

According to the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC), Miguel Ángel Contreras Álvarez, the investment announcement strengthens operational capabilities and functions, in addition to enhancing actions in favor of communities.

During the investment announcement, the executive secretary of the National Public Security System, Leonel Efraín Cota Montaño, highlighted that home robbery is one of the state’s challenges, because of the 12 indicators measured by the federal corporation, in this crime the entity is in red, while in the remaining 11 it is in green.

He contextualized that the state reports substantive progress, because it has 100% of the certified elements of the local security corporations.

“It is an area located in the most problematic region in terms of security, it is the central part of the country, I must distinguish that due to the results we have had in this process (…) we observe that the results here are excellent,” he commented.

Currently, he explained, Querétaro has about 2 police officers for every 100,000 inhabitants, however, the goal is to reach 2.8 elements.

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