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Moscow says not to wait endlessly for US and NATO responses to its security demands

Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a prism
Russian President Vladimir Putin, with binoculars, last September.AP
  • Crisis The United States and the United Kingdom order the departure of their diplomatic personnel in Kiev
  • Direct last hour of conflict

Russia is again toughening up his rhetoric and says he won’t wait endlessly for answers from USA and the OTAN to your security proposals. The head of the Russian delegation to the Vienna talks on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, has said that if the West ignores Moscow’s demands, then Russia will protect its security in Europe by other means. In that case, the consequences will be felt “by both Americans and Europeans on their necks,” Gavrilov stressed.

Moscow assures that Kiev is concentrating a large number of forces in the line of contact with Donbs, and considers it proof that Ukraine is preparing to launch an offensive. This was announced by the Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, to journalists, while other Russian spokesmen resumed the verbal escalation against the US and NATO.

“The Ukrainian authorities are concentrating huge amounts of forces and means on the line of contact with the self-proclaimed republics [de Donetsk y Lugansk]. In fact, the character of this concentration points to preparations for offensive actionsPeskov told reporters.

The Kremlin added that Russia is concerned about this situation and asked NATO to dissuade Kiev from resorting to force to resolve the conflict. Peskov denounced the “hysteria” in Europe by the multiplying accusations of an imminent Russian invasion.

NATO strengthens defense in Eastern Europe

Meanwhile, the NATO countries have reinforced the defense capacity of the Eastern flank of Europe, with the dispatch of planes and ships to counteract the accumulation of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, according to what the institution itself has announced.

The alliance countries “are putting forces on alert and sending ships and fighter planes additional to NATO deployments in Eastern Europe, reinforcing deterrence and defense,” NATO said in a statement, according to the Efe news agency.

Spain “is sending ships to join NATO naval forces and is considering sending combat aircraft to Bulgaria,” the alliance notes. Last week, the Blas de Lezo frigate and the Meteoro minesweeper already left for the Black Sea.

The Alliance added today that Denmark is sending a frigate to the Baltic Sea and to deploy four F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania. France will send troops to Romania and the Netherlands, two fighter planes and several ground units to Bulgaria, starting in April.

Repatriation in Kiev

In the last few hours, Washington has announced the repatriation of the families of its diplomats in Ukraine and has recommended its citizens to leave Ukraine.

United Kingdom It has also announced the withdrawal of part of the staff from its embassy in Kiev, as reported by the Foreign Office, which has stressed that “the British embassy remains open and will continue to carry out its essential tasks.”

Other countries have made similar announcements. The Australian authorities recommend their nationals to leave Ukraine as soon as possible on a commercial flight if “it is safe” while they have ordered the evacuation of the relatives of the staff of their embassy in Kiev.

The German Foreign Ministry also reported today that it will facilitate the departure of the country for relatives of diplomatic personnel and employees of German organizations in the country who so wish, although it will keep the diplomatic representation in Kiev open “to support Ukraine.” in this situation,” said Foreign Affairs spokesman Christopher Burger.

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