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On his Instagram account, Silvina Moon announced that it will share content on an adult platform, where users can subscribe.

Through a publication, where he broke the news, he added a video in which he explained that it will arrive on the Divas Play platform. “Freedom is a big word that often costs us for infinite reasons. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that my freedom is to accept myself as I am, look at myself in the mirror and feel happy with the woman I meet without caring what others think”, begins the text that accompanies the post.

Then he assured that he wants “reconnect with sensuality” Y “eroticism”, so he decided to create an account on the Uruguayan site. According to the definition of the model, it is “a platform for content creators where you can upload things that other networks censor you”.

“It works like a private social network where each creator uploads their content and whoever wants can subscribe monthly and see everything that is published”, closed the famous. In this way, you already have your profile on the new platform.

Silvina Luna's publication
Silvina Luna’s publicationInstagram

There, content can be accessed Silvina Moon for 15 dollars a month, which to the official dollar translates into 1568 pesos without counting the corresponding taxes. So far, the percentage of commission that the platform takes has not been disclosed.

How about connecting with my essence, my sexy, sensual, erotic side, without so many limitations? Will you accompany me?”, expresses his description on the Uruguayan platform.

The former vedette thanked all the new users who are subscribing in a later publication. For the moment, the platform does not allow to see the number of subscribers of each content creator.

On the site, both men and women appear who have already created their profile and are receiving the first payments.

At the beginning of December, the actress had announced her arrival on that platform, in what was the incorporation of the first great figure in the entertainment world.

“They insisted so much that I listened to them. The holidays are coming and I wanted to give you this new opportunity to meet”, He had written along with a video where he announced the news.

In the recording, he explained what this new channel is about for its content: “I opened a profile, I’m going to upload all the things that Instagram doesn’t allow me to upload and I wanted to invite you to be part of this party, because you know that if there is something that I love is to enjoy my body and my sexuality and that you do it too, however you want, where you want and with whom you want.

Here I wait for you to meet in another way, in full and without taboos. I love knowing that we share the desire to go for more”, the actress had written in her description, where she presented her profile and encouraged users to subscribe. As with Silvina Luna, accessing its content costs 15 dollars per month.

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