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The video of the ambulance driver Andres Vinas, sitting on a bed, with a supposed bulletproof vest and with a gun, while launching a strong threat against Governor Omar Perotti, made waves last week. After being arrested and released -although he faces a cause for threats-, the man apologized to the provincial president for what happened.

To justify himself, he said that he only It was “a joke” after taking “a few more drinks” Along with a friend with whom he now quarreled and who was the one who spread the video. In addition, he clarified that the vest was actually for playing football. paintball. Regarding the weapon -which was not found in the first search carried out on him-, at first he said it was “prop” and then commented that it was “a lighter”.

“In the video there is no death threat to the governor, I say ‘I’m going to go look for him’. At no time did I say ‘I’m going to kill him’ and stuff.” was the first thing that Viñas commented on Radio AM 830. In the video, he had targeted the Peronist president: “If they don’t pay me the 20 lucas bonus, everything rots. I’ll find you, Perotti. I’m going to have to go look for you, Perotti.”

This is how they threatened the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti

After that first question, Viñas spoke of the context in which that record was produced. “The video was recorded on Christmas Eve. We had had a few too many drinks, we were among friends, a friend recorded it with my cell phone, it was a parody that was going to stay between us as a joke, for laughter ”, started.

And followed: “Days later, I had a fight with my friend and he had sent my video to his cell phone without my authorization. There he made it public Facebook. We activated the protocols with my sister so that it is blocked and we succeeded, but then she uploaded it to Instagram and to social networks. It was criminally denounced by my lawyer [este hombre que] work with me. It was a betrayal, a bad move, because it was something funny for us, they ruined my life.

After giving his version – and despite the fact that in the video he is seen placing the bullets one by one in the barrel of the weapon – he also hinted: “The vest is not real, it’s paintball. And the gun looks real, but it’s a prop, it’s a lighter, they sell it anywhere.”

In a fervent attempt to explain that “it was a joke”, the driver of the public emergency service -SIES 107- who is now facing an administrative summary, stated: “I never wanted it to go viral. He made it viral without my consent, without my permission. I would be crazy to release a video like that, where you can see my face, you can see everything, because I could lose my job. Now I find myself in a conflict with my work because they don’t let me enter”.

Regarding the latter, he said that he has been working for the SIES for four years and pointed out that for a year and three months he came to Saint tome, a city bordering the capital Santa Fe, where he was detained.

“I showed up for work and was told by the hospital director that I couldn’t go in until a decision was made on my case. That’s why I decided to apologize publicly, tell the governor that it was never my intention to threaten him. It was a parody, a joke that should never have left those four walls. I am very depressed, I am the only breadwinner in my family.” remarked Viñas, who said he studied nursing and is also a mechanical technician.

Santa Fe Governor Omar Perotti
Santa Fe Governor Omar PerottiTHE NATION

“I am getting desperate because I don’t know how to continue, how I support this family. I would like this message to reach you, it was just a joke, I would like to get my job back and continue my normal life because I have never been through this,” this man told Perotti, who assured that he was never in prison and that he lives with his wife and with their three children – aged eight months and five and seven years old. “I am at home, with nothing to do, with a terrible depression, ” narrowed down

Arrested after the video became public, Viñas denied having resisted the authority at the time the officers approached him and denounced on the radio an alleged wrongdoing by the officers.

“A white van from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) was chasing me and I thought it wanted to overtake me. I was riding a motorcycle, I give him the pass and he keeps cornering me. He pulls a gun out my window and they never said ‘police’. I feared for my life and sped up. And a few meters later they grabbed me, my motorcycle has a small cylinder capacity, and there they told me it was the Police. I thought they were going to kill me, kidnap me. I panic. If they had told me ‘police’, I would stop,” he said.

In addition, he referred to the days he was in prison: “I was never in prison, I never had any record. It is the first time he was imprisoned and it was something special. I had a terrible time in detention. Now I’m ashamed to go out on the street.”

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