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SILVER SEA.– After so many days of weather going against the grain, today the sol in a row and that was reflected in the Beaches, with temperatures up to 31 degrees and again crowds well near the mar. Good news to add to this last wave of travelers arrived during the last hours, which raised the demand for Tourist accommodation In this city.

welcome this final week of january that starts with Meteorological forecast in favor and everything to be the best and most profitable of a season which, celebrated for its very encouraging results at the start of the month, is already throbbing February flavored little by the early start of the lessons on the Capital.

Among so much joy for the very good movement that is being experienced, the complaints of service providers assuming they will miss at least a week, maybe a little more, next month.

The porteño government confirmed a few days ago that the students they will return at schools on February 21, both teachers and assistants should be a little earlier. That would mean that the Atlantic Coast would lose a huge flow of visitors from its main plant, the Buenos aires city, for much of the second fortnight of next month.

Playa Grande, one of the most chosen in Mar del Plata, sheltered from the sun and with a temperature of 31 degrees
Playa Grande, one of the most chosen in Mar del Plata, sheltered from the sun and with a temperature of 31 degreesMauro V. Rizzi – THE NATION

Neither the claims of communal chiefs of various destinations spas nor of private sector linked to tourism have been able to twist this decision.

“The aspiration to add only five business days to the 2022 school year, which could be distributed throughout the year, translates into the end of the season practically more than a month before the end of the summer,” they questioned from the Union of Trade, Industry and Production (PICU) local. It refers to that return to the classroom on the eve of the carnival holidays, which in mode extra long weekend They will arrive between the end of February and the beginning of March.

This and other sectors of the regional economy linked to sightseeing they recognized that a very good season is going by; for some, historical. You have to see the spas with full capacity, and the restaurants and bars full and with lines to wait for a table, sometimes for hours. A prosperity that seems to have few hours.

According to figures from Municipal Tourism Entity, during the first fortnight of January they reached Mar del Plata nearly 650,000 visitors, figure even above the records achieved in the same period two years ago, prior to the pandemic.

Tourists celebrated the return of good weather and filled the beaches in Mar del Plata
Tourists celebrated the return of good weather and filled the beaches in Mar del PlataMauro V. Rizzi – THE NATION

“We completed the weekend, but we are already beginning to feel the decline in Bookings for February who came with better expectations”, he explained to THE NATION the president of the Gastronomic Entrepreneur Hotel Association, Jesus Osorno.

Owner of the Tronador hotel, a four-star hotel with more than 120 rooms, confirmed that institutionally they plan to submit a proposal to the municipality and the deliberative Council to demand a review of the measure ordered by the Buenos Aires government. “It exceeds us,” he admits, without ceasing to consider that this start of classes in the middle of February is “a mistake”. “It’s a few days that the education could recover during the year and that we, who depend a lot on these two months of season, they impact us very strongly ”, he detailed.

The Capital and the Greater Buenos Aires they are the main source of tourists to the Atlantic coast and, in particular, to Mar del Plata. Although the reservations for the first fortnight next month around 50% of the places, in the Tourism sector from the Atlantic region are excited about at least three conditions that could contribute to a significant uptick in arrivals during those days.

They believe that as long as the good weather accompanies there will be expectations of multiplying spontaneous escapades. On the other hand, they consider the curve in low cases of Covid will encourage many of those who gave up or could not come before because they were infected, isolated or considered at risk of contracting coronavirus on the coast. The third item has to do with the pocket: accommodation prices are up to 30% lower than in January.

The beach was once again the best plan in Mar del Plata
The beach was once again the best plan in Mar del PlataMauro V. Rizzi – THE NATION

The voices against the early start of classes in the Capital also came from the municipalities that are considered affected by a decrease in tourist activity. The strongest was the communal chief of General Alvarado, Sebastián Ianantuony (In front of all). Said to THE NATION that the announcement and the decision “respond to an electoral logic” and warned that “you do not win by bringing classes forward, but with educational quality and avoiding interruptions during the year.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of General Pueyrredon, Guillermo Montenegro, political forcemate of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, moderated the claim and recalled that Mar del Plata “has tourism all year round.”

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