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On Sunday, as the Indian cricket team played South Africa in Cape Town, the official match announcer revealed the face of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s daughter, Vamika. Since Virat and Anushka have been fiercely protective of Vamika’s privacy, fans were furious at the violation.

On Monday, both Virat and Anushka issued identical statements saying they were ‘caught off guard’. Their statement read: “We realize that images of our daughter were captured at the stadium yesterday and widely shared thereafter. We want to let everyone know that we were caught off guard and didn’t know the camera was on us. Our position and request in the matter remains the same. We would greatly appreciate Vamika’s images not being clicked/published for the reasons we’ve explained above.”

The statement shared by Anushka Sharma on Instagram.

However, there was a section of people who argued that Anushka had “brought this on herself” by taking Vamika to a public place like the stadium. Various tweets and comments online criticized Anushka for what they believed to be ‘hypocrisy’. “Don’t you want your son to be photographed? Do not take it to a public place,” one tweet read. Many said that, being a public figure, she should have known the cameras would film her at the stadium. “Like visiting a stadium for the first time,” one reviewer wrote.

This is not the first time that Anushka has been attacked by a section of fans for something wrong in the world of Sharma-Kohli. Whether it’s Virat losing form, India losing, or something related to Vamika, Anushka seems like a pretty easy target, on a recurring basis.

One does not have to go very far to remember the last resort. A few months ago during the 2021 T20 World Cup, when India lost to arch-rivals Pakistan in a one-sided match, some Twitter trolls attributed the loss to Anushka because she “didn’t fast for Virat in Karva Chauth”. While Anushka received overwhelming support against trolls, many such comments have often been made against her whenever Virat failed on the field.

Sadly, it’s not just trolls that have taken that tone for Anushka. Former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar has also been guilty. During the 2020 Indian Premier League, when Virat and his team were in the midst of a losing streak, the veteran referred to Virat’s lockdown videos of playing cricket with Anushka and joked on air, “Inhone lockdown me to bas Anushka ki gendon ki Practice ki hain (He has only trained against Anushka’s bowling during lockdown)”. The tease concerned a viral video shot by a fan where Virat and Anushka were playing cricket on their terrace during lockdown.

A hurt Anushka even called out Gavaskar for his ‘disgusting’ statement, writing on social media: “I would love for you to explain to me why you thought of making such a radical statement about a wife accusing her of her husband’s game.”

And this has been a constant for the actress since before she married Virat. Even when the couple were dating, some cricket fans used to criticize Anushka for ‘distracting’ Virat whenever she visited the stadium to support him. In 2015, Anushka flew to Australia to support Virat as the Indian team played the World Cup semi-final. But after India lost, many called Anushka a bad omen.

The question is, why is Anushka targeted? Other wives and girlfriends of cricketers, from Sakshi Dhoni to Anjali Tendulkar, have not faced the wrath of fans in this way. Maybe it has to do with your public profile. She was already a star in her own right when she started dating the most popular cricketer in the country. And for many, his cricketing hero dating an ‘actress’ was a distraction.

God forbid if said actress can really have a good influence on him. No no, that’s not my guess. It is from the man himself. In a 2017 interview with Gaurav Chopra on Breakfast with Champions, he discussed the lucky lady in his life, saying, “I had no brains and no common sense about things. Since the lady came into my life, she has taught me a lot.” things. Now, I have many things. I’ve gained a lot of maturity in the last four years thanks to her.” Sadly, some choose to overlook this and continue to see ‘lady luck’ as a distraction.

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For her part, Anushka has said that she prefers to ignore these comments. In an interview with Filmfare in 2019, he said, “Honestly, I don’t pay attention to nasty comments…unfortunately, we’re living in times where it’s very easy for us to be mean because there’s no accountability or any kind.” of liability involved. The sad part is also that they are half-baked and uniformed opinions that come out with such enthusiasm and confidence.”

However, the wheel is far from broken. Just a couple of days ago, former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar made another statement about Virat’s marriage and how it might have influenced his game. Speaking to Dainik Jagran, he said: “I wouldn’t even have gotten married if I were in his place. I had just scored runs and enjoyed cricket, these 10-12 years of cricket are different times and not coming back, I am not saying getting married is wrong but if you play for India you would have enjoyed a bit. . The fans are crazy about Kohli and she had to keep that love that she has received for the last 20 years.”

Whatever Shoaib’s intention with this comment (although there is very little chance of successfully justifying this logic), it has surely fueled the trolls’ determination to further harass Anushka. She is blamed for “waking up” Virat and once again diverting his attention from his work.

Meanwhile, the number of instances where Virat was blamed for the failure of Zero or Jab Harry Met Sejal remains stuck at zero.

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