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The main stock market indices of the US market closed with gains on a day that seemed to be marked by sharp declines. Wall Street it advanced moderately after recovering from initial losses due to opportunity purchases with prices at levels that some investors considered attractive.

The index Nasdaq, with a high technological component, closed the negotiations with 0.63% more, with a level of 13,855.13 units. The S&P 500, of the 500 largest companies in the market, rose 0.28% to 4,410.13 units. The Dow Jones, of 30 industrial giants, gained 0.29% to a level of 34,364.50 units.

Pressure on the markets

Investors steered away from risky assets early after Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom ordered diplomatic families out of Kiev, due to the possibility of a Russian invasion at Ukraine. The Kremlin has denied that it has intentions or plans to invade the country.

However, the deployment of thousands of Russian soldiers and weapons to Ukraine’s borders has set off alarm bells among investors. In response, the OTAN He announced that the presence of troops in Eastern Europe could increase, which contributed to the fear that a new episode of war could break out.

All this happened one day before the start, tomorrow, of the first two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve US (Fed) in 2022. Investors are preparing for the possibility that the central bank will report a more rapid tightening of its monetary policy in the face of strong inflation.

bargain hunters

The initial losses were led by the large technology companies and the Nasdaq index lost almost 3%, expanding its low this day to more than 19% its decline from the historical ceiling of November of 16,212.2 points. The S&P 500 entered the correction zone at times.

However, prices rallied as some investors viewed the recent declines as adding to the attractiveness of the stock, over and above the backdrop of pressure dominating markets. Titles such as Apple and Microsoft, which fell more than 4%, closed with moderate losses.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if today was the bottom of the major averages,” Sam Stovall, investment strategist at CFRA Research in New York, was quoted by Reuters as saying. This expert added that January is a barometer for the rest of the year: “As January goes, the year goes,” he said.

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