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Wellmedic Health Centers, the most innovative medical center in Latin America, offers the opportunity to “live off your income” through a unique real estate investment in the market. Today it is possible for the Real Estate Investor to venture into the Health Sector through the purchase of a property in one of its centers, which already comes with a tenant and a long-term lease, ratified before a notary. The properties are deeded under the Condominium Ownership Regime.

The real estate investment of Wellmedic offers four major competitive advantages:

1. Annual Return Above Market

Wellmedic offers its investors a 10% annual net return. Currently, real estate for rent in cities such as Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro offer a low yield between 5% and 7% per year, due to an oversupply of M2 that has knocked down rental prices. Now, the pandemic has contributed to an even greater drop in profitability with tenants requesting discounts or grace months from their landlords. Wellmedic continued to pay its rents last year in a timely manner and without requesting discounts from all its investors.

2. Long Term Contract, Guaranteed

Very few tenants are willing to sign long-term rental contracts, usually they sign terms of 1 to 3 years. Wellmedic signs a mandatory 10-year rental contract with its investors, ratified before a notary. When comparing the investment of Wellmedic With an investment in a store or apartment in a 10-year timeline, the traditional property will most likely be unoccupied in total for up to a full year or more, given the impact on the sector by the pandemic.

That time the property is vacant, the owner is responsible for paying maintenance fees, services, commissions to real estate agents and months of grace to new tenants. All this decreases the performance of the property. With Wellmedic’s long-term contract, the owner increases his profitability and decreases the time he has to spend managing it. The rent has annual inflation increases INPC.

3. Net Rent, paid Free of Maintenance and Administration Expenses

The 10% annual return offered by Wellmedic is paid as monthly rent plus VAT. It is important to clarify that this performance is free of maintenance and administration expenses. This translates into two competitive advantages of great value for the real estate investor. Greater Performance and Less administration time of your property.

Wellmedic Being the sole tenant of all the investors, it is in charge of the maintenance of the center in its entirety. This allows the investor to really “live on their rents”, without generating additional work as required by a department or premises, either at the request of the tenant or when they are unoccupied.

4. Tenant in the Health Sector

The tenant’s profile is a crucial factor in guaranteeing their permanence in the owner’s property. Wellmedic is a Monterrey company currently operating 9 branches nationwide. The company provides doctors with a comprehensive service to boost their business with offices, operating rooms, telemedicine and medical equipment of the highest standards. The Health Sector is an industry of first necessity and in constant growth. Mexico is a power in the Medical Tourism Industry, currently ranked second worldwide. Foreigners (Americans, Canadians and Europeans) have savings of up to 80% compared to their country of origin. The new medical centers that are invited to invest will be focused on serving both the national and international markets.

Wellmedic offers direct financing without interest. The properties are deeded under the condominium property regime. Learn more about the investment plans and available real estate which start at $2,215,000 MN and Live off your Rents!

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