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in Pinamar and in a quiet and respectful environment An act was held this morning 25 years of crime of the photojournalist Joseph Louis Heads, who was murdered on January 25, 1997 in this town on the Atlantic coast at the hands of a gang commanded by former Buenos Aires police officer Gustavo Prellezo, linked to deceased postal entrepreneur Alfredo Yabran.

With a series of activities in the city’s monolith, in front of the bus terminal, her sister Gladys led the ceremony, in the company of family and friends, who they planted a tree as they do on a regular basis every year for this date. The mayor of Pinamar was also in the place, Martin Yeza, and they got there relatives of the victims of the Eleven tragedy.

Thus began the first of the acts that will take place today, on a new anniversary of the crime of Cabezas, whose body was found in a cellar located about 16 kilometers from Pinamar in handcuffs, with two shots in the head and charred, aboard a Fiat Uno, the same car in which he had been transferred hit after boarding him when he left the apartment where he was staying.

Today also, around 7:00 p.m., it is scheduled to plant another tree, but for the first time in the place where Cabezas was found murdered. There will be another act.

“This place, this monolith where homage is paid to him, has a very strong symbolic thing, which is the fact of planting a tree every year. as a symbol of life in the face of death. Also sharing these moments with colleagues, with Gladys Cabezas, has a very strong connotation from a personal point of view,” the journalist said before the tribute began. Gabriel Michi, who accompanied him to Cabezas in the coverage of the season for the magazine News that summer of 1997 in which he was assassinated after managing to photograph Yabrán, who was an enigmatic businessman, owner of the OCA company.

“Today they are going to plant a tree in the cellar, it is a terrible place. Every time I go it’s heartbreaking, it’s remembering that January 25th. It is good that the possibility of doing this is raised: of planting a tree as a symbolic thing that we always bet on life in this fight, never on revenge, never on these hate speeches, or anything like that. We bet on memory, justice and trying to build bridges, above all”, added the man in this memory space that has the image of Heads, flowers and colored ribbons and rosaries.

Michi also spoke of a “very shocking and very strong” moment on the 25th anniversary of that episode. “One finds it incredible, because it has like the movie that this happened yesterday, is raw for all of us, for his colleagues, for his friends and particularly for his family”, he commented to THE NATION the journalist, who was in charge of reading the letter from Cristina, the widow of Cabezas, during the act.

Likewise, he complained about “how badly Justice works in Argentina.” It is that of the band of The Horneros, involved in the crime of Cabezas, Prellezo -the perpetrator- has been under house arrest since 2010 and studied law; Miguel Retana died in prison in 2001; José Luis Auge regained his freedom on December 14, 2004; Gustavo González was released on parole at the end of 2005, but is now incarcerated for drug trafficking; and Horacio Braga lives in Los Hornos and also graduated as a lawyer.

“When one sees that they are all free, one realizes that It is a system that is malfunctioning. In the entire legal case, 22 judges intervened and only two ruled in favor of reducing the sentences, the other 20 agreed with life sentences. And yet, for those two, murderers are free. It is not the problem of a judge or two, it is the problem of the system, which has led to the crime going unpunished today, although there was a conviction, because his murderers are free”, Michi considered.

In the tribute, it was Gladys Cabezas who spoke, who remembered her brother as “a good guy”, raised “with codes” and said: “I am proud of his family and his grandson. Today José Luis would be 60 years old and would be a grandfather. When they told me that their grandson was born, the first thing I thought of was him.”

The woman also asked for “enough impunity” and emphasized a phrase by Yabrán, who committed suicide in 1998 accused of instigating the reporter’s crime. “Yabrán said that impunity was having power”, Gladys commented. In addition, he denounced that Prellezo works as a lawyer despite the fact that, according to what he said, his registration was withdrawn. “We need help with that because he is a psychopath and he lies,” Gladys claimed.

Today at 11, the Association of Graphic Reporters of the Argentine Republic (Argra) will make a act at its headquarters in Venezuela 1433, in the Balvanera neighborhood of Buenos Aires. under the slogan “There is no democracy without justice, there is no justice without truth and there is no truth without memory”, The entity will call for commemorative activities in the different provinces.

Meanwhile, at 8 pm, at the House of Culture in Madariaga, a shows with a video.

Meanwhile, during this morning’s act in Pinamar they discovered a new plate, which was fixed. With a legend, so that it persists: “In memory of José Luis Cabezas, on the 25th anniversary of his death. We won’t forget it!”

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