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  • The president of the United States referred to Fox News’ Peter Doocy in this way, probably without realizing that his microphone was still on.

The president of United States, Joe Biden called a journalist “stupid son of a bitch” on Monday of the conservative chain Fox News, in response to a question at the end of an act in the White House.

Biden’s insult took place after reporter Peter Doocy asked him if he believed that inflation in the United States could be a “political burden” for his party in the legislative elections that will be held in November in the country. “It’s a great resource, plus inflation,” Biden said sarcastically, before adding: “What a stupid son of a bitch.” It is not clear if the president realized that his microphone was still on., given that he made his comment as reporters were already leaving the East Room of the White House, where they had attended the start of a Biden meeting on how to get prices down in the country.

After Biden complained that all the journalists’ questions were about the crisis in Ukraine, and as his colleagues were preparing to leave the room, Doocy asked that question about inflation and the president unleashed his outburst. The incident quickly became the talk of the afternoon on Fox News and even on rival network CNN, the first of which was Doocy being interviewed, who joked about it. “No one has verified so far (what Biden has said) and said it’s not true (that I’m a stupid son of a bitch),” the White House correspondent said.

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Doocy has had several tense exchanges with White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki because her questions reflect the conservative bias of Fox News and are sometimes based on disinformation-based premises. However, despite Biden’s tendency to speak off-key at times, he has not so far shown similar disrespect to any journalist, though he said last week that the question another Fox News reporter had asked him was “stupid”.

What happened drew criticism from other White House correspondents, including CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, who tweeted: “It wasn’t okay when (former President Donald) Trump insulted the press, and it wasn’t okay for Biden to do it either.“. During his tenure, Trump (2017-2021) constantly attacked journalists, especially those critical of him, whom he described as “the enemies of the people”, and also used the insult of “son of a bitch” at least once, to refer to an NBC host, Chuck Todd.

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