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A year ago, the Australian Open turned the life of Mexican tennis player Giuliana Olmos upside down. At the first Grand Slam of 2021, the doubles player reached the quarterfinals, her best result so far in tournaments of that caliber, awakening her awareness of her ability to compete at a high level in tournaments on the women’s professional tour. of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Since then, he has modified his preparation, climbed the ranking and achieved historic participations and championships, while remaining in search of his first ‘great’.

His coach, Agustín Moreno, commented in an interview for The Economist that the decision and discipline of the 28-year-old player led her to work with a physical trainer at Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, an institution where he works, and to pay attention to her nutrition, something that was soon seen reflected.

“She’s a little bit more fit and so she can play more aggressively, it was one of the things that helped her a lot. Take more care of your diet than in recent years. But I think that what helps him the most is that he loves what he does, he loves playing as a team and he acquired that from the experience of competing at a university in the United States,” Moreno said.

The also coach of the Mexican tennis representatives commented that Olmos’ training at the University of Southern California Athletics helped him acquire a more aggressive tennis, one of the strengths of his game, in which he also has a good technique to “return and get on the net.”

Another component of the preparation of the current number 19 in the WTA doubles ranking is her intelligence. Moreno pointed out that the Mexican’s schedule and training take into account her physical well-being, which is why she almost never gets hurt. Giuliana’s attribute is her strength and height (1.70 m), she is the tallest player in Mexico among those who play the Billie Jean Cup, in addition to “having very fast reflexes”.

The tennis player, who from 2008 to 2017 competed on the ITF circuit in Mexico and who began to be a regular in WTA tournaments since 2018, is now a strong contender in any tennis event in which she appears. In 2021 he participated in 21 tournaments and in 11 of them he reached at least the quarterfinals. However, there is still no Grand Slam championship in his showcase.

On Friday she was eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open in the women’s doubles category together with the Canadian Gabriela Dabrowski and on Sunday in the mixed with the Salvadoran Marcelo Arévalo, also in the second round.

“It’s a matter of time” for him to win a Grand Slam tournament, said his coach, because “he will always be among the doubles pairs, as in mixed, to win one of these tournaments. Rome has already won (WTA 1000), which is one of the greats”.

Since 2020, when she was proclaimed doubles champion at the Mexican Tennis Open in Acapulco alongside the American Desirae Krawczyc, to date, her rise has been meteoric, climbing from 61st place in the ranking to 19th and becoming the first Mexican who qualified for the WTA Finals after her triumph at the WTA 1000 in Rome in 2021.

The closest he has come to winning a Grand Slam was at the US Open in November of last year. In this, he agreed to the mixed doubles final with Arévalo, instance in which they fell against the duo made up of the British Joe Salisbury and Krawczyk.

In the previous tournament of the Roland Garros Grand Slam, the Mexican became a strong candidate to win the mixed modality until her partner, the Colombian Juan Sebastián Cabral, who at that time was in the top 5 in doubles, withdrew. due to injury in the semi-finals.

Sharon Fichman was her partner during most of the tournaments in the 2021 calendar. According to coach Agustín Moreno, Giuliana knows the players and tries to play for a long period of time with the same tennis player, “this is how women can play. WTA Doubles Finals”, and one of the priorities when choosing them is for their number in the ranking “to be able to enter the tournaments”. His current partner, Gabriela Dabrowski, is at number 5 in the ranking.

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