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The outbreak has also prompted the city of Shenzhen, across the border from mainland China, to tighten rules for people arriving from Hong Kong. Starting Wednesday, travelers from Hong Kong will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result obtained within the previous 24 hours, undergo 14 days of quarantine at a government-designated location, and seven more days of home isolation. .

Lam also criticized one of his top cabinet members, Home Affairs Secretary Casper Tsui, who was among several government officials suspended from duty and ordered into quarantine after attending a birthday party where two guests tested positive. for the coronavirus.

“The interior secretary is an official that we will have to investigate very thoroughly on several aspects,” Lam said.

As with mainland China, Hong Kong’s strict anti-pandemic rules have helped keep the number of cases relatively low, but are also taking a toll on the economy and the public’s patience.

As an international center for finance and commerce, the city has a significant expat population, some of whom are beginning to chafe at travel controls and other restrictions.

A survey released this month by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong showed that more than 40 percent of members surveyed were more likely to leave because of the restrictions.


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