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the american president Joe Biden insulted a journalist on Monday, calling him “stupid son of a bitch”, in the midst of an uproar at the end of a round table in the White House.

When the reporters left the room, a Fox News reporter, the favorite channel of conservatives and one of the favorites of former Republican President Donald Trump, asked him if he believed that inflation could be a political handicap.

Biden, in a low voice and without getting up, began by saying ironically: “It’s a big plus. More inflation.”

Then, possibly unaware that the microphone was on, he muttered: “What a stupid son of a bitch.”

This slip is a new sign of the nervousness of the 79-year-old Democrat, who is facing a low popularity rating among the public and tries to bolster the presidency.

Inflation, at an unprecedented level in 40 years, hits Americans hard with less than ten months to go before the midterm elections, which promise to be tough for Democrats.


The outburst of tone this Monday contrasts with the customary affability of this president who has promised to reconcile the United States and usually avoids the excessive language of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden was immediately bombarded with criticism from Republicans.

“So presidential,” conservative Congressman Josh Hawley sarcastically tweeted, as some of his colleagues wryly replayed old calls for Biden’s moderation.

Known for the incisive tone of his questions, the insulted journalist, Peter Doocy, he took it with humor.

“No one has yet verified the truth of his words,” he said on his channel minutes later.

Last week, after a very long press conference in which he had promised to get closer to Americans, Joe Biden had already been irritated at one point. “What a stupid question,” he muttered after another Fox News reporter asked him something.

At that press conference he also made several imprecise comments about Ukraine and the legitimacy of the elections that forced the government to make clarifications.

Donald Trump was vilified for his verbal excesses and tirades against the media.

After a scuffle with the Republican billionaire, a CNN reporter was temporarily left without accreditation to the White House.

Joe Biden’s missteps since the presidential campaign have raised questions about his mental fitness.

The majority of his voters seem to forgive him for his nonsense, they consider him an understanding and authentic person and accuse the media of amplifying the controversies.

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