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Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022 event kicks off today

Inspired by the Chinese celebration of the day, Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year event kicks off today. From now until February 15, you can enjoy a couple of event fights and unique weekly challenges to unlock some fancy new skins.

Event fights feature Bounty Hunter and Capture the Flag Blitz. In Bounty Hunter, the first player to score a kill becomes the Bounty, who everyone else in the game must hunt. Whoever claims the reward becomes the new target and the cycle starts all over again. Capture the Flag Blitz is a revamped version where flags are placed in places usually reserved for overtime games. That means they’re much closer together and you’ll need six sacks to win instead of three. Standard Capture the Flag will also be available to play.

Completing weekly challenges generates new cosmetics, icons, and sprays as usual. Cosmetics (and respective rarities) include:

  • Seolbim Mercy (Legendary)
  • Nezha Tracer (Legendary)
  • Ashe of Prosperity (Epic)
  • Auspicious Soldier: 76 (Epic)
  • Porcelain Wrecking Ball (Epic)

Finally, here are the main prizes for each week of the event:

  • Week 1: Prosperity Ashe
  • Week 2: Auspicious Soldier:76
  • Week 3: Porcelain Wrecking Ball

In other recent Blizzard news, Microsoft is currently in the process of buying Activision outright, meaning Overwatch will become part of the Xbox family. You can read about that seismic event in video game history here. Amid all the noise, Overwatch 2’s producer didn’t mince words when she blamed Activision CEO Bobby Kotick for the game taking so long to launch. You can read about that particularly nasty drama here.



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