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a breed dog valued at 10 thousand euros (more than 1 million pesos) was run over by a woman who escaped, as reported by the owner of the animal to the local police.

The incident occurred in the El Cóndor spa, a municipality located south of the province of Río Negro, 30 kilometers from Viedma, known for being the first of a succession of beaches of more than 150 kilometers, and for having the oldest lighthouse in Patagonia, which has been in service since 1887.

According to police sources cited by the news site More Rio Negro, it was a woman who rammed the dog aboard her gray Volkswagen Gol. The owner assured that the animal was injured after the impact and that the person who ran over it, realizing what had happened, quickly escaped from the place.

It’s about a portuguese water dog and according to what its owner told the police, to which the local media had access, is valued at 10 thousand euros. If that sum is converted to Argentine pesos, it gives a total of $1.178.269,04, according to the official change.

The owner also promised to bring the animal’s veterinary certificate to the police unit to prove the degree of the injuries, reported More Rio Negro.

Portuguese Water Dogs are great swimmers and are often used for sea rescue. Historically, the fishermen of the coast of Portugal considered them great companions and in turn valued them for being good guardians. They worked side by side with them in raising fish, in recovering lost or broken nets, and even served as canine messengers from ship to land.

Portuguese Water Dogs are great swimmers (Photo: Video Capture)
Portuguese Water Dogs are great swimmers (Photo: Video Capture)

In fact, when fishermen began to acquire more sophisticated work equipment for their daily tasks, at the end of the 19th century, this very special breed was on the verge of extinction. until a wealthy Portuguese businessman named Vasco Bensaude became interested in them and in 1930 reactivated the breeding of the breed.

The popularity of Portuguese water dogs grew like never before in the last decade thanks to the Obama family, which has not just one but two specimens of this very articulate breed: Bo Y Sunny.

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama He promised his daughters Sasha Y Malia, that even if he won or lost the elections he was going to give them a dog. In his victory speech in Grant Park, the then president-elect told his daughters: “I love you both more than you can imagine. They have earned the puppy that comes with us!”.

Bo and Sunny, the Obama family's Portuguese Water Dogs (Photo:
Bo and Sunny, the Obama family’s Portuguese Water Dogs (Photo:

Bo, a male Portuguese Water Dog, joined the Obama family at the White House in April 2009, while Sunny, a female of the same breed, joined in August 2013, right at the start of the Democrat’s second presidential term.

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