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As in the basic education levels, the federal government provides economic support for university students, as well as graduates of higher education schools and teachers, which is intended to promote their continued academic training or professionalization.

What are the supports?

Youth Writing the Future (JEF) and the program Elisa Acuna Scholarships, which concentrate more than a dozen supports, are delivered through the Single System of Beneficiaries of Higher Education (SUBES), a digital platform in which students can register to request financial support that can range from 1,200 pesos to 70,000 pesos.

Both programs are part of the Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarships.

Youth Writing the Future.

Who can apply for a JEF scholarship?

The JEF scholarships are given to students up to 29 years of age in poverty who live in areas with high rates of violence, as well as to students of indigenous and Afro-descendant origin, who are enrolled in a priority public institution of Higher Education.

Economic Support: During this 2022, the amount of this scholarship will be 2,450 pesos per month, deposited every two months (4,900 pesos), during the ten months of the school year.

Payment is delivered directly to the student by bank card.

Which are the requirements?

-Be a student with enrollment in the current school period in a public institution of Higher Education. Some participating institutions son:

  • Intercultural Universities;
  • Indigenous Normal Schools;
  • Normal Schools that teach the intercultural education model;
  • Rural Normal Schools,
  • Educational headquarters of the Coordinating Body of the Universities for Benito Juárez García Welfare,
  • Health University of Mexico City, and
  • Health University of the State of Puebla
  • Universities located in indigenous towns or municipalities
  • Universities in localities or municipalities with high or very high marginalization.
  • Federal and State Public Normal Schools;
  • Autonomous Agrarian University Antonio Narro;
  • Chapingo Autonomous University;
  • State Public Universities with Solidarity Support;
  • State Public Universities;
  • Technological Universities;
  • Polytechnic Universities;
  • National Pedagogical University;
  • Federal Technological Institutes;
  • Decentralized Technological Institutes;
  • Federal Public Universities;

JEF 2022 call

The Call for Youth Writing the Future scholarship It will be launched in the first semester of 2022, but only for a process of updating the list of scholarship holders of the program selected in the September 2021 call and its complementary call.

Meanwhile, for July and August of this 2022, the students, as well as the educational establishments, will be informed about the call and corresponding processes so that they know the requirements and dates to request their incorporation into the Program.

Elisa Acuna Scholarships

The National Higher Education Scholarship Program, called Elisa Acuna Scholarships, is a set of supports that has a different nature from that of the Jovenes Escribiendo el Futuro program, since it is granted both to students who are pursuing their higher studies, as well as to those who recently concluded them.

Who can apply for these scholarships?

The Elisa Acuna Scholarships They are aimed at people who want to continue their academic training or teaching professionalization, do their social service, study abroad, and start or finish their degree.

That is why students from national and state universities, including those belonging to institutions such as UNAM, IPM, UPN, UAM and ENAH, can request this support.

What is the amount of the Elisa Acuña Scholarship Program scholarships?

Due to the fact that there are various types of scholarships, the amount and frequency varies according to each type of subsidy, so students and graduates must analyze the information on each of the supports that best suit their situation, as well as the calls that should be reported by academic institutions.

Type of scholarships:

Maintenance Scholarship, which can go up to 1,800 pesos every two months

  • Aimed at students enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education, from households whose income is equal to or less than the current Welfare Line at the time of requesting the scholarship, as well as children of active members of the Mexican Armed Forces. , retired, killed in combat or disabled in acts of service or as a result thereof.

Excellence Scholarship, with the delivery of up to 12,000 pesos per month

  • Students enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education who have obtained during the immediately preceding educational period or type an outstanding academic performance or with an outstanding regular trajectory.

Social Service Scholarship, with a single payment of between 6,000 and 10,000 pesos

  • For undergraduate or Higher Technician students enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education, or graduates with no more than one year of having completed the study plan, who are enrolled in a social service program recognized by the institution in which they perform His studies.

Scholarship for Degree of up to 5,000 pesos

  • Students of a Public Higher Education Institution who have completed or are about to complete their higher education studies and who must complete their thesis to obtain the corresponding degree. Graduates with up to one year of seniority and women who completed their degree, but suspended their degree process due to pregnancy and postpartum maternal care, in a period not exceeding two years, can participate.

Scholarship for Professional Practices, with a payment of 1,800 pesos for 4 months

  • It is for regular students enrolled in the last two years of a Bachelor’s degree or the last two semesters of a Higher Technician in a Public Institution of Higher Education, or who have completed their courses up to two years before requesting the scholarship.
  • Students of Public Normal Schools who are studying the sixth, seventh or eighth semester.

National and International Mobility Scholarship, with payments ranging from 6,000 to 50,000 pesos

  • Students of a Public Institution of Higher Education who are enrolled in a mobility program within the Mexican Republic, promoted, endorsed or recognized by the Institution, in order to be able to carry out their studies for periods of up to one year.
  • For regular students enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education, who wish to carry out partial or complementary undergraduate studies, TSU or training and research stays in mobility programs, in a foreign higher education institution with which they have formalized an agreement of collaboration.

Training Scholarship (amounts established in the calls)

  • Students, teachers and graduates of a Public Institution of Higher Education, proposed by their school, associations or institutions with which the SEP has entered into agreements, in order to carry out activities, workshops, congresses, courses or diploma courses, for a period not exceeding to two years, aimed at their continuous training and that respond to the needs of the country.

Scholarship for the Attention of Contingencies (amounts established in the calls)

  • Aimed at students, teachers and staff with management functions of a Public Institution of Higher Education identified as part of a program implemented, either by the Federal Executive, through the SEP or in coordination with government agencies, agencies and /or the federative entities, for the attention of contingencies or programs prioritized by the Government of Mexico at the national or regional level.

Likewise, scholarships are included to support research, in addition to scholarships focused on postgraduate or master’s students that can reach up to 70,000 pesos.

How to enroll in the Unique System of Beneficiaries of Higher Education (SUBES)?

To start your application process for a higher scholarship you must enter

There you must enter the following information:

  • Your Unique Population Registry Key (CURP).
  • Your email address.
  • Generate a password.
  • When entering the system you must fill out a form with personal and academic information, which must be updated by the Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPES).

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