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In the Buenos Aires vaccination clinics, more and more people are seen who arrive by your doses for Covid-19 with the pink and light blue card issued by the province of Buenos Aires. Most are for third or booster doses. In addition to the residents of Buenos Aires who re-registered, there are those who arrive at the Buenos Aires vaccination centers without shift due to exceptions, those who work in the city during the hours that the posts in the province operate and those who are surprised to receive the summons by mail official without requesting it.

One of those calls to Buenos Aires residents came to Fabiana, 48, who lives in Tiger. Next, she shared the email with her husband and they decided to test whether the invitation to receive a dose of Modern as reinforcement it was real. And yes, the link in the message allowed them to book a shift on Monday, at 10:30, at the vaccination center in Salguero Coast.

In the place, Fabiana had not carried the campaign card Buenos Aires Get Vaccinated, but he said he was from the province and asked if he could return to have this vaccination established and presented the DNI with his address up to date.

“Once you’re here, with the assigned shift, you leave vaccinated,” they told her. No matter where you are from, the city government has already given you a turn and that is enough.” They told him that the application would appear on the site My Argentina and withdrew. In the afternoon, I already had the digital certificate.

THE NATION witnessed similar cases last Saturday in the Historian’s House (Bolívar to 400), on Monday in Salguero Coast and today in San Lorenzo. Before the consultation, the Buenos Aires government indicated that shifts are not being sent to residents of other districts. “We seek to summon those who did not complete the initial two-dose scheme or those who have to give themselves the reinforcement [o tercera dosis] who are residents of Buenos Aires”, they indicated from the Ministry of Health of the city.

“Yes, people are coming to get vaccinated with the card [de la provincia] because they get the mail from the city so they can take turns. There is no problem”, one of the young people in charge of the first shift check at the club’s headquarters on La Plata Avenue told this media. San Lorenzo. Under a gazebo, to one side, a woman was waiting with the pink and light blue certificate of her mother, 80 years old; he wanted to know if they could give him the reinforcement “because a long time had passed” since the initial scheme. In the province, free vaccination is enabled for people over 60 years of age.

12% (808,818) of the doses used in the district were administered to people who declared that they did not live in the city, as estimated LN Data with the open data of the vaccination campaign that updates every night the Ministry of Health of the Nation. The majority (9.36% or 621,258) are doses applied to Buenos Aires. On the other side of General Paz, out of 33 million doses that were applied, 4.4% (1,461,316) corresponded to people who declared living in another jurisdiction: 2.7% (889,052), in the city. When extrapolating this data to the population of the Capital, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicholas Kreplak, affirmed that the province had immunized a fifth of the porteños.

The invitation from the city was not the only thing that surprised Fabiana. While confirming the appointment offered by the Capital, a “history” of shifts appeared that he was completely unaware of, according to his testimony. The personal data, including the updated contact telephone number, were those that he had declared in the original registration in the vaccination campaign of the province of Buenos Aires. Since then, he said, he has not made any changes.

Two of those shifts that appeared on her computer screen corresponded to the first months of 2021, in “indefinite” (unnamed) vaccination clinics and in which she had been registered as “absent”. The third corresponded to the vaccination center of the Club Atlético River Plate and appeared “cancelled”.

Fabiana also did not remember receiving a notification of those shifts from the province or the City. Then, the application of both the first dose and the second of Sputnik V, both in an “indefinite” vaccination. Both applications had been in May and September last in posts in the town of Tigre, according to the data of the original certificate.

In the Usina del Arte, an employee who preferred not to give her name, detailed: “Yes, people come with the province card. In general, they live there and are registered twice and the third shift is coming faster in the city”. However, at the Teatro Colón they pointed out that it is not something usual. “There are only a few people who are from the province, but since they work nearby, they ask if we can vaccinate them. There are also cases of people moving between doses,” they added.

Karina Álvarez lives in the province. Today he approached the Historian’s House to ask if they could vaccinate her: “I work in the capital every day, so when I return to the province all the vaccination centers are already closed. I registered with my work address and they told me that in three days I can come to apply the vaccine. At the vaccination center, they said: “We are going to register her and verify if it is possible. We try to vaccinate everyone.”

With the collaboration of Delfina Arambillet

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