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At 21:00 punctual, the first broadcast of The great game of the goose, the new game and entertainment show from eltrece. with the driving of Dani “La Chepi”, and the “Chicken” Alvarez, the cycle seeks to combine games and fun. Once they got to the floor, and after a brief introduction, the hosts got right to the point and ushered in the first game of the night. Called “The dealer”, the slogan of that inaugural garment consisted of a stick that rotated on a base, and that four participants had to jump without losing their balance.

That first game served to establish the order in which the four players had to roll the dice, to advance on the board towards the jackpot. Just like the board game from which it takes its name, the structure consists of a group of participants, who advance along different boxes, in which each one presents different games with very original premises, which are mainly characterized by skill , ingenuity and physical endurance.

In this way, the program presented a succession of games such as “Give me more dynamite”, in which a player had to throw packages of “dynamite” towards different barrels, from a moving platform; or “Hanging tires”, in which he had to cross a path built by rubber bands hanging from a thread. Each participant risks money in the challenges, with the aim of earning more capital, or losing the stake. And along the way, they advance, through the various lockers, with the aim of getting closer to the end.

After several individual challenges, the last one was the only one that allowed players to build teams, and it was the well-known “Cinchada en el mud”. Finished that garment, around 9:45 p.m., the debut of The great game of the goose I reach its end.

In this way the first installment of the cycle ended, leaving in its wake some certainties, and the promise of several points to improve. Above all, the hosts face the challenge of getting along, of aligning their respective imprints to give the program a clear identity that can combine Pollo’s solvency and Chepi’s sense of humor. On the other hand, it is clear that the cycle seeks to provide the greatest possible dynamism, within a structure whose appeal is precisely that of showing very original games that require a constant change of scenery. Pools, ball pits, giant hoops and movable platforms are just some of the many devices used to perform the fun challenges.

It is evident that The great game of the goose It bets on a familiar tone, presenting itself as a friendly product that allows the public of all ages to sit down and enjoy a while of entertainment that excites adults and children. And although the program is indebted to its previous incarnations on that premise, there is no doubt that the possible success of the cycle rests on El Pollo y la Chepi. For now, and in terms of rating, the broadcast began with a floor of 7 points, which later rose to 8.8 and reached a peak of 9.5.

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