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The beginning of the year always brings changes and on Argentine TV that old maxim is strictly fulfilled. On the screen of eltrece, for example, there are several modifications that will arrive these weeks: some cycles will say goodbye to the screen to make room for new shipments (and many others already known).

as far as he could tell THE NATION, the changes are planned for the first or second week of February, when they will say goodbye to the screen Match Game, conducted by Agustin Aristaran -popularly known as Soy Rada- and Home Sweet Home!, the program led by Eugenia Tobal which premiered on December 6 and has been trying to stay afloat for weeks.

the channel that still not able to face its main competitor in this segment in the rating, Telefe. This is why they bet on the return of the figure that had abandoned the signal more than two years ago: Fabian Doman.

After announce his retirement from television last year to take a corporate position in the Edenor company which he later resigned to run for president of the Club Atlético Independiente, the journalist return to the screen and nothing less than the hand of eltrece.

Fabián Doman returns to the channel that saw him leave but in a new schedule: the afternoons
Fabián Doman returns to the channel that saw him leave but in a new schedule: the afternoonskindness america

“I return to my other love, which is corporate communication. I start a job that requires full time dedication. It was very difficult for me to make the decision because it is not that I changed companies, I changed my profession, my life”, Doman had said at the time.

However, the romance was short-lived and the journalist, who confirmed his return to the small screen with the beginning of the year, will return this time to host a current affairs program in the evenings.

This was confirmed after announcing his return to the channel: “Let’s talk what people want to talk about in this very difficult moment with the Covid, of what worries them, of what interests them. It will be a live current affairs program with a team of great personalities that I cannot confirm yet.”

The arrival of Andrea Politti was scheduled for January but had to be postponed due to the wave of coronavirus
The arrival of Andrea Politti was scheduled for January but had to be postponed due to the wave of coronavirusHernan Zenteno – The Nation/Hernan Zenteno

February will also bring the arrival of Andrea Politti, which was scheduled for January but had to be postponed due to the wave of Covid-19 that hit the country during the last month. Prepared for the new health situation, Politti arrives hosting a children’s entertainment program. afternoon shift, produced by Kuarzo, will make children and adolescents compete with media personalities through question and answer games linked to the knowledge they acquired at school.

The host, who has just finished five seasons of Cut and confection, the haute couture reality show broadcast by eltrece, At that time, he expressed his desire to continue on the channel: “You do not know what I need this love and this affection. More at this moment, in which I am closing a stage with Cut and confection”.

By the end of next month, they will also land on the eltrece screen, Adrian Pallares Y Rodrigo Lussitch. After his recent departure from intruders, the duo will lead a new shipment that already has a name: it will call show partners.

The cycle promises to combine showbiz information with various entertainment segments. “There will be spicy debates, scoops, scandals and bombs, we are going to give our opposing opinions and we are going to be surrounded by women”, anticipated Lussich.

For Pallares, this will be his first participation in the channel, about which he stated “it is so powerful, so familiar, at a national level, and so similar to what we do, that it is a more fun journalism”. The hosts who established themselves through their company met this week with the directors of eltrece and also started their first pre-production meetings with two of its confirmed panelists: Paula Varela and Karina Iavicoli.

On the other hand, according to what LA NACION learned, another change in the making involves Laura Fernandez. The dancer and conductor who had taken command of Welcome aboard for a while (in place of Guido the Duck, on vacation), just continue driving of the evening entertainment program.

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