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Three years after the fourth transformation, the only thing that has been made clear to us is that they have not been able to live up to what we Mexicans deserve, governing for all and raising the quality of life of Mexicans should be the only objective, not even Let’s talk about listening and reconciling, if there is closure in this, which is essential, less will they be able to conclude with transparency and efficiency the only three infrastructure works they have to generate that increasingly distant economic development they seek.

As the days go by and we approach the final stretch of the six-year term, something that we already knew about the president’s three opaque pharaonic works is coming to light: none will be inaugurated in a timely manner and none will cost what had been budgeted and worse still , experts assure that they will not bring the promised benefits.

Let’s go to the facts, we are building a Refinery without environmental permits, at a time when international experience asks us to bet on clean energy and that it will cost 40% more than budgeted, fully financed with our taxes, which is not generating the promised jobs and that will devastate the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco, one of the most important tourist and restaurant areas in the state.

A train that is built in protected areas where thousands of animal species live, where the president assured that not a single tree would be cut down, millions have been cut down, a diesel locomotive that will take 12 hours to get from Palenque to Quintana Roo (the same than by vehicle) that not even the new Dos Bocas Refinery will have enough diesel to supply it, so it will be imported and that as of today the progress reported by FONATUR to the SFP in the five sections is not enough to reach 50% progress of the entire project.

And the icing on the cake is the Felipe Ángeles “International” Airport, a former military air base that is being remodeled without airworthiness studies, which is supposed to be delivered in March and more than 75% of the resources have been used, but there is no evidence whatsoever. of it nor of the contracts to suppliers and where the architect who delivered the master plan never returned and only two Mexican airlines will take off from their runway since there are no international permits.

In conclusion, you know what is happening in the pharaonic works? Only the headlines know it and the figures show that there are more negative than positive things, towards the outside it only denotes tar-colored opacity and transparency.

We are halfway through the six-year term, every day there is a new opportunity to right the ship and work under a single premise: transparency and above all to dignify public service, citizens demand well-being from us, which is the flag that proclaimed the fourth transformation.

Soraya Perez


between numbers

Former President of the Federation of Colleges of Economists of the Mexican Republic AC

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