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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) today sent a letter addressed to the president Alberto Fernandez to invite him to discuss the country’s accession to the international organization, and evaluate the possibility of including him as a member. In addition to Argentina, they were invited Brazil, Croatia, Peru, Romania Y Bulgaria.

Among the points to which the country should adapt to be part of the OECD, are the “support sustainable economic development and end poverty”, in addition to committing to the “implementation of public policies that support climate goals, including reversing and halting biodiversity loss and deforestation”.

Along the same lines, the letter stipulates that the Argentine Government must have all of its economic policy aligned with the global goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, through a significant reduction in its carbon dioxide emissions.

To become a member, the OECD establishes a roadmap for accession that determines the modalities, the conditions and the process that must be respected. In addition, a technical review is carried out by the international institution to evaluate the country’s policies and practices in comparison with the best practices of the OECD.

Lastly, the country must each ratify the accession to the OECD to become an effective member. The last countries to join the OECD were Colombia, in 2020, and Costa Rica, in 2021.

During the management of Cambiemos, the president Mauricio Macri began efforts to join the OECD, but the organization said that Argentina “needed more reforms to achieve a stronger and more inclusive economy.” It was in March 2019.

The OECD is an organization that focuses on working together with member nations in order to provide public policy solutions that benefit and lead to economic growth. In operation since 1961, the international institution specialized in solving economic difficulties of different nations, seeks to advise countries in order to generate positive changes in political, growth, environmental and social terms.

Although it does not grant credits or resources to finance investments, its function is focused on providing advice for the improvement of public policies and the promotion of good governance.

Aware of the invitation, the former president Mauricio Macri celebrated the announcement, while seeking to value the diplomatic work done during his presidency to enter the OECD. “I celebrate that the work of our government has culminated with the decision of the @OECD to open the accession process for our country. It is an opportunity that we cannot miss. It must be part of a state commitment for the entire political leadership,” Macri wrote on Twitter.

“The results of foreign policy are often expressed in longer maturation times. The decision made today by the @OECD to open accession for Argentina, a process initiated during the administration of @mauriciomacri, is an example of it”, highlighted Fulvio Pompeo, Macri’s former Secretary of Strategic Affairs. “The incorporation of Argentina to the OECD is going to be a great step forward to link us with greater credibility before the main global partners. We are presented with a great opportunity to convene the entire political leadership behind a strategic objective,” he added.

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