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The odds of playing the euromillions and be awarded the big boat, after hitting the first winning combination, they are practically negligible. A very small percentage that decreases even more if we assess the possibility that it will touch, not only one person, but two residents of a single province in the same week. That is, with just three days of difference, since, remember, the draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Well, this is precisely what happened last December in Pas-de-Calais, department number 62 of the Gallic country, located in the Upper France region, as detailed by the local media. The matter is so unusual that it rarely even happens that in a span of seven days there is two winners from the same country.

Jackpot of 79 and 17 million euros

The first of the lucky ones played the Euromillions on the Internet and won the jackpot on December 28. He was a regular player. At first he thought he had won 79,000 euros. If he was incredibly happy with that profit, imagine how he felt when he discovered that the amount had ‘danced a decimal’. Actually, he had pocketed no less than 79 million euros. “I can’t believe it, we play to win, but when it happens, we don’t believe it,” he said.

What does he do with that huge amount of money? At first there were many projects that came to mind: touring his country from top to bottom, quitting his job, dedicating himself to his family… However, the intention is continue working and, above all, take time to reflect before making big changes in your life.

Y… three days later, On December 31, Pas-de-Calais once again sang the ‘Euromillions jackpot’. He was also an occasional player who he saw on television as his combination had turned out to be the winner. He took the prize for €17 million, the initial jackpot, since the previous jackpot had been pocketed by his neighbor. His aspirations, yes, are very different: he plans to buy a house, a car and travel on a cruise to paradisiacal islands.

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