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The European giant of consumer products Unilever, owner of brands such as ‘Dove’, ‘Frigo’ or ‘Hellmann’s’, will carry out a simplification of its organization that will result inl Cut around 1,500 management positions globally, as confirmed by the multinational. The change in the proposed organizational model will mean a reduction of around 15% of senior management positions and 5% of junior positions, which is equivalent to a global adjustment of some 1,500 jobs, while the company does not The restructuring is expected to affect factory equipment.

After giving up increasing its purchase offer of 50,000 million pounds (59,882 million) for GSK Consumer Healthcare, Unilever has announced a change from its current structure to organize around five distinct business groups: Beauty & Wellness, Personal Care, Home Care, Nutrition and Ice Cream. In this way, each business unit will be fully responsible for its strategy, growth and results worldwide.

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Additionally, to enable Unilever to benefit from its global scale and capabilities, all five groups will be supported by Unilever’s business operations, technology will provide, systems and processes to drive operational excellence across the business, while the Unilever Corporate Center will set the company’s overall strategy.

“Our new organizational model has been developed over the past year and is designed to continue the progress that we are seeing in the performance of our businessAlan Jope, CEO of Unilever, has pointed out. In this sense, he has defended that moving to five commercial groups focused on categories will allow Unilever to be more responsive to consumer trends. “Growth continues to be our main priority and these changes will support this search,” he added.

With effect from April 1, Unilever has appointed Fernando Fernández as president of the beauty and wellness area, while Fabian García has been named president of the personal care business. In turn, Peter ter Kulve will continue to serve as president of the home area, while Hanneke Faber has been appointed president of nutrition and Matt Close has been appointed president of the ice cream business.

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