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The Bachelor of Marine Propulsion Plants It is the career that has the best level of remuneration among recent university professionals, according to a study carried out by the Center for Studies for XXI Century Production (CEPXXI) in the Ministry of Productive Development.

Through his Twitter account, the director of the center Daniel Schteingart remarked that the median salary is $434,606 and it is a career with few graduates, which takes place at the National Defense University, with job opportunities mostly in shipping companies.

The data from the work carried out by CEPXXI arise from crossing the base of recent graduates between 2016 and 2018 (provided by the Secretariat for University Policies) and the formal employment base of the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA). That is does not include informal employment or freelancers.

Second, it is located mining engineering with a average salary of $343,116 and with more than 65% of job opportunities in mining firms, while graduates from the University of San Juan (40% of graduates), Catamarca (31%) and San Luis (16%) stand out. .

Thirdly, Petroleum engineering have a median salary of $254,097, with 65% of employment in directly oil companies. Among the professionals there is a strong presence of the University of Comahue (31%), Salta (26%), Cuyo (14%) and ITBA (13%).

Fourth, the Degree in finance has a average compensation of $214,062, with the financial and consultancy sectors as the main applicants. Most of the graduates come from UADE.

In fifth position, the Degree in Systems and Computer Science has an average income of $184.800 for recent graduates. 42% of employment is explained by software firms. Graduates from the UTN (26%), UADE (6%) and UBA (5%) stand out.

Sixth, the Bachelor of Geophysics, a career with few graduates, mostly from the UNLP and the University of San Juan, has a median salary of $178,825 and the main demand is in the energy sector (YPF) and in scientific research.

On the seventh step figure Electric engineering, with a median salary of $178,756. 35% of the graduates work in the electrical sector and 17% in industry. The UTN accounts for 55% of salaried graduates.

In eighth position, the graduates of Aeronautical Engineering they have one average compensation of $172,826. Emphasis is placed on employment in companies such as FADEA and Aerolineas Argentinas, with 34% of the total. The University of Córdoba and the UNLP account for 70% of the graduates.

In ninth place is Industrial engineering, with a median salary of $171,416. Job placement in industry stands out (40% of graduates) and software in second place (9%). The UTN accounts for 28% of salaried graduates, followed by the UCA (11%).

Lastly, the Bachelor’s degree in economics have a gross median salary of $168,676, This is due to high-wage branches such as banking and information technology, which account for 23% of the employment of economists. As for the universities, the UBA stands out with 38% of salaried graduates.

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