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New year, new tax regime. One of the great changes that came into force as of this year was the creation of the Simplified Trust Regime (Resico), which is made to simplify the procedures that taxpayers must do before the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and demonstrate that complying with the Treasury does not always have to be so cumbersome.

El RSimplified Regime of Trust It will be for both natural and legal persons, and it has benefits of reduced rates in the Income Tax (ISR) so that the taxpayers can pay their taxes quickly and efficiently. In this way, it is sought that more taxpayers join the formality.

For the Physical persons, this new simplified trust regime will be an option as long as your income does not exceed 3.5 million pesos per year, and you are carrying out some of these activities:

  1. Business and professionals
  2. Tax Incorporation Regime
  3. Use or enjoyment of real estate (lease)
  4. Agricultural, livestock, fishing or forestry

Meanwhile, legal entities that want to switch to this system must have income that does not exceed 35 million pesos per year and the partners they have must be natural persons.

The benefits of the Simplified Regime

According to SAT, the Resico will have a series of benefits that may be used by taxpayers who meet the requirements.

In the case of individuals, the main benefit is the decrease in income tax rates that they must pay. In this way, depending on the income they have, the ISR rate to be paid ranges between 1 and 2.5 percent.

For the moral people, the taxation will be in cash flow, that is, to calculate the tax, only the income and expenses that are actually obtained or generated will be considered, unlike the general one, in which the invoiced income and expenses are accumulated regardless of whether they are actually materialized.

Likewise, the SAT indicates that taxation will be in accordance with the economic reality of the taxpayer. “The so-called utility coefficient will no longer be used because the same thing will not always happen in one exercise as in the previous ones, that is, the income will not necessarily be the same and neither will the expenses; the situation in some economic sectors is unstable, which leads to completely different scenarios from one year to the next. In short, the utility coefficient subtracts liquidity from companies,” said the treasury.

In addition, there will be an investment incentive, through the increase in the percentages to credit investments annually, as long as they are not greater than 3 million pesos.


Although in the case of natural persons the residue It is quite attractive due to the reduction of ISR rates, experts in the matter have indicated that the deceased must evaluate whether or not it is convenient for him to switch to this regime since, if he does so, he will not be able to make deductions in the part of ISR. Likewise, personal deductions – which are those that are presented at the time of the annual declaration – cannot be made under this taxation scheme either.

For more information, the SAT made a new microsite available to taxpayers to solve any doubts that this new regime may generate:

[email protected]

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