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We already anticipated it at the beginning of the season, white footwear is imposed as a favorite. In its different variants, white is the color chosen to show off the feet. Not only because it enhances the natural summer tan, but also because it stylizes, combines with everything and gives a unique summer touch.

Do you need more reasons to adopt it now? We tell you what the top 5 white summer shoes are so you can prepare your seasonal looks and complement them with the star accessory.

Espadrilles or canvas shoes

  • You loved them in the ’90s. You repurposed them in the early 2000s. And now they’re back in full force, thanks to the Squidward Game series that propelled them back to stardom. Of total purity, absolute comfort and easy to combine, they provide a skater and street style that always looks divine in summer.. In addition, they are fresh, being light and you can even take them to the beach. You can wear the 100% white version or with prints or combinations with other colors.

Flat sandals

  • They can be the Dad Sandals, sports type, or the classic sandals with leather straps. They are the most sought-after footwear this summer, within the trend of ugly shoes that has been going strong. You can wear them from morning to night, with a bikini or jeans, for the office or the pool, they are really comfortable and always look very cool.

Classic stilettos

  • They are the inevitable of any wardrobe. You may not wear them every day, but the classic stiletto is an accessory that saves any look. It is an investment that does not fail, because it will continue to be used through the years and you can bet on these shoes in all imaginable occasions of use, even a party or dinner at the corner restaurant. In white, nude or beige they greatly stylize the legs, by giving a certain continuity to the skin, they enhance the tone of your natural tan and are capable of sublimating your outfit like no other shoe..

Photo: Erwans Socks/Unsplash

Tennis-type shoes

  • They are the classic ones, the ones that never go out of style, the ones that you will use in the summer, autumn, winter and spring. The ones you can wear with short dresses and a leather jacket for the night, or with jean shorts and a crop top for the day. Leather to last, all white or with some color detail or some print or brand logo, these super comfortable shoes come in endless variations, all cool and very flattering.

summer boots

  • Short and mid-cut boots are a hit that accompany us all year round. In summer they are imposed in white to bring freshness and give a glam touch to any look. They are worn short, above the ankle or even mid-cut, for a bolder wave.. They are the perfect accessory for a outfit long dress or mini dress. They’re also great to wear with jean shorts and a basic t-shirt.. Have them on hand that this summer they go out or go out.

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