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The heavyweights of the Government closed ranks around the ‘premier’ in his last appearance in Parliament like never before during the scandal of the parties in full confinement

A woman holds up an anti-Johnson sign outside Parliament.
A woman holds up an anti-Johnson sign outside Parliament.AP
  • Questions with Answer Can Boris Johnson be saved from ‘Partygate’?

the ‘premier’ Boris Johnson He has assured in Parliament that he will not resign and that he will continue to lead the Government and execute “the plan and vision of the Conservatives for this country”. Johnson vigorously defended himself against repeated calls for resignation by opposition deputies, in full countdown to the publication of the “Partygate” investigation by senior official Sue Gray.

“You are under a police investigation and you do not seem to be aware of the spectacle, or what it means,” the Labor leader snapped at Johnson. Keir Starmer, with whom he maintained an intense dialectical pulse. “How much more damage are you willing to cause to the country? and the confidence of the people?

“Are you willing to resign, abiding by the ministerial code, if it is shown that you have deceived Parliament?” Starmer asked actively and passively, but not before demanding that the Government publish the entire report -and not partial or censored- of Sue’s report. Gray as soon as it comes into his power.

Johnson countered by claiming that his government has done “the great things” well and boasted of “the greatest economic recovery of the G7 and the fastest campaign for the booster vaccine” in Europe, while accusing Starmer of having repeatedly voted in favor of remaining in the EU.

“He’s a lawyer, but he’s not a leader,” Johnson added, shooting below the waterline of Starmer, who was already more than ten points ahead in the polls. The “premier” accused Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer of wanting to see him “out of the way” at all costs at a critical moment on the international scene and in the face of “a disastrous invasion of Ukraine” that requires a unified response from West.

“Better to be led by a lawyer than by a liar,” replied Lloyd Russell-Moyle, also a Labor Party member, booed from the Conservative seats for his direct reference to Boris Johnson’s birthday party during confinement.

Government heavyweights closed ranks around Boris Johnson in his final appearance in Parliament like never before during the “Partygate” scandal. “I support him one hundred percent and I want him to remain our prime minister.“, declared the head of Foreign Affairs Liz Truss, who is among the favorites to “success” Johnson.

“A change of leader would mean a general election,” warned Deputy Jacob Rees-Mogg, head of the party’s hard wing, in an attempt to dissuade his coreliginists against a motion of censure. It would be enough for 54 “Tory” deputies to send letters to the 1922 Parliamentary Committee to set the mechanism in motion.

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