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Dana Brooke spoke to Alternative Sport’s Matthew Connell for a new interview. They sent us the following:

Dana Brooke on Summer Rae’s return.

“With Summer Rae coming back, when I started, Summer was on the main roster and she and I were like two peas in a pod. We were driving together and like anything, anything, you know, you drop one thing, you try and go and find your other way. And she did exactly that, but we would keep in touch here and there. And then the second I found out he was entering the Royal Rumble, I texted him and was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s summer. I can’t wait for her to come back.”

Dana Brooke on the return of Mickie James + being a proud champion.

“Mickie James to see that, she has been dominating in other areas of wrestling, coming back to the WWE ring is phenomenal. I’ve tagged with Mickie for quite some time.

He has commented many of my matches. It’s really amazing to be a part of this. But again, I have to work double shifts. They don’t just throw me over, I have to make sure I don’t get caught. Yes, exactly. So you never know. Obviously, I have a strategy. I want to be the last woman standing. Also, I definitely want to have this by my side (24/7 championship). So if I go out there with this by my side, I’m going to be extremely, extremely happy and proud of myself because I try to be a champion 24/7. I try to live my life, every day like a champion, and this not only relates to me, it relates to all the fans, supporting me that we are all champions every day.

Dana Brooke on wanting to fight Charlotte Flair

(Question from Matthew Connell) Q: “When we heard the clock count down from ten to zero and say you were the only person in that ring. Who would you most like to face and see come down a ramp towards you?

“Honestly, Charlotte Flair, I feel like Charlotte and our business is not over yet. I started my career with Charlotte being her protégé. She gives me orders, I take orders from her and then I just get up and leave me and then demean and put me down. Trust me, I took it seriously and tried to improve every aspect of a person as much as I could in the ring, always looking over my shoulder and never taking things lightly. So I feel like I have something to prove and say: Look, you’ve done this to me before. Now I can stand in front of you and tell you, you know, I can do this. You have motivated me. I don’t get a chance to show you what I’m capable of, and I would definitely love to be face to face with her and show you that I’m capable of doing anything and not just being 24/7. champion, but also chasing her for her title.”

When asked what number Dana Brooke would like to enter the Royal Rumble

“24 or 7”. (laughs)

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